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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 03:54 AM
Number of posts: 5,460

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Since 2008 I have voted by mail in every election

I'm a californian and I've always thought vote by mail was the best way. With the illegal activity at USPS, and the uncertainty surrounding counting of the ballots, etc, I plan on doing something different. For the first time in more than a decade, the wife and I have committed to voting early on the first day of early voting in my state -which happens to also be my birthday. I also plan on bringing at least two others with me. What's your plan for voting??

More than 120,000 people have voted in the 2020 election

Let's keep it up!


"Shy Trump voter?" Try "shy Biden voter"

Been speculating for a while this is a thing, and Dave Wasserman is kinda confirming to me that it could be: https://twitter.com/Redistrict/status/1307142863084556288

The fact that Trump voters feel so much more safe and confident to put their signs up than Biden folks, tells me that if there is any under-polling of votes, it is with Biden folks: Not Trump people. That being said, click my signature and volunteer for a phone bank shift.

Can the supreme court overrule the expansion of the supreme court?

I ask only because -if it is possible, I anticipate they will try it.

Expand the courts as promised while we also make DC, PR, and Guam all states.

It's well past time to have true balance in our political system! Not only do we need to vote these thugs out, we need to keep them out.

Make calls for Joe right now by clicking my link

You can do it as early as now if you click it. https://joebiden.com/make-calls-for-joe/

RIP RBG. I will always be inspired by everything you have done..

How many hours of volunteering have you done so far for Joe Biden this cycle?

Contact rate is the primary reason a candidate will largely win or lose an election. Trump's people are knocking on doors which give them a substantially better contact rate than phone calls. Less of us are able to do that so we have to make up for it in massive numbers of calls. I know DU's been killing it when it comes to donations, but how bout hours put into phone calls/ door knocks (if possible)?

Finally signed up for a shift to call for Biden.

I've been saying all summer I was going to do it. I still haven't. I've donated probably close to a hundred -despite having a less than ideal economic situation, but I know how huge a difference making calls can be -especially since in this case the MAGATs are knocking on doors daily in bigger numbers cause they don't care about infection. The training call yesterday had over 1500 volunteers. That is just one shift out of several for one day. I'm feeling good about our chances, and will feel better once I actually get on top of calling.

Have you made any calls/ knocked doors, etc in this cycle yet?

Trump Campaign ad urges "Support our troops" with picture of Russian jets and soldiers


The Trump campaign has been running political advertisements since early September urging people to "support our troops" alongside a stock photo featuring Russian fighter jets and model soldiers carrying foreign weaponry.

The banner ads from the Trump Make America Great Again Committee have been running since at least Sept. 2, according to a breakdown of the campaign's online ad spending provided by Google. The ads were first reported by Politico.

To be fair, the ad did not specify which troops should garner Americans' support.

What are your feelings on the green party?

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