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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 03:54 AM
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What should NATO do (re: Ukraine)?

Lost In Terra Dimension


Movie about two sisters separated in different dimensions -joining arms with fairies to stop an evil, multi-dimensional dictator.

Boris Johnson wants to arm Ukraine for defense of Odessa


The Kyiv Independent
⚡️UK Prime Minister wants to arm Ukraine for defense of Odesa.

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson told ministers on April 2 he wants to arm Ukraine with anti-ship missiles to prevent Russian bombardment and advancement on Odesa.
8:40 PM · Apr 2, 2022

What should NATO do (re: Ukraine)?

BREAKING: Russia to provide Ukraine with jets and additional tanks


Euan MacDonald
The Ukrainian parliament has approved a law with a list of rewards for Russian military equipment. Russian soldiers defecting to Ukraine with a warship or a jet can now claim up to $1 million. A tank or an artillery piece would be worth a $100,000 reward.

One Russian to another: "We are at war with NATO!" ...


One Russian to another: What’s the news?
—We’re at war with NATO!
How’s it going?
—We’ve lost 15,000 soldiers, 100 aircraft, and 600 tanks.
How about NATO?
—Oh, they haven’t started fighting yet.
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