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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 03:54 AM
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Do you think Ukraine will win this war?

Somewhat suspicious about the Polish planes that were supposedly not lent.

Been seeing a lot of footage on twitter of supposedly abandoned russian convoys and equipment over the last couple days (allegedly out of fear of air strikes). This is on top of the seemingly enormous Russian casualties estimated by the Ukrainian government.

When news of the MiGs being lent hit the news, it seemed to be a given. Everybody assumed it was happening and there were reports of pilots in Poland picking up the jets. It wasn't until the next day that we found out no planes were actually lent. Then Zelenskyy publicly asks for them, and then he meets with congress. All the while Russia's biggest victories are still one major city and a couple power plants.

This might be my tinfoil hat talking, but is it possible that the MiGs WERE actually lent to Ukraine when it was reported, but the EU and US and Zelenskyy decided to keep it under wraps so that Russia would underestimate Ukraine's air power?

Biden net negative approval now in single digits


He went from around negative 13 to negative 9.8 in just a few days. Here's hoping it keeps going this direction.

Zelensky says over 16,000 foreign volunteers have signed up to fight in Ukraine


Especially if this number increases exponentially like I think it might, I have no doubt Ukraine could win this.

I actually don't think Ukraine would go for that.

Before, I did. But with the increasing likelihood of their actually taking back Kherson and raffirming their grip on other cities in conflict, I am starting to think they may outright win this war. That being said, even if they win, they would risk the prospect of joining NATO in a major way.

What are the chances...

Of this crazy thing happening: Ukraine not only pushes the Russians out of their country with a superior strategy and endurance -and support from the west, but also invades parts of Russia, expanding their territory in either a minor or major way -including retaking Crimea. Thoughts?

Ukraine Army ad: "Each of Us"

(kinda) BREAKING: US working with Polish government to supply MiGs to Ukraine


The U.S. remains in discussions with Poland to potentially backfill their fleet of fighter planes if Warsaw decides to transfer its used MiG-29s to Ukraine, four U.S. officials tell POLITICO.

The ongoing talks, as President Volodymyr Zelenskyy pleads with Congress for help, underscore the frantic push to find weapons to equip Ukrainian forces as they continue to fight off the massive Russian invasion.

If Putin is crazy enough to start a nuclear war over a Ukraine NATO no fly zone

Don't you think he is crazy enough to start a nuclear war past Ukraine? The gamble is whether NATO interference would start a nuclear war. But that's not the only gamble. The other gamble is whether Putin isnt basing his entire decision making on NATO non interference. Because if he was, then a simple NATO presence in Ukraine would stop Russia forces from getting any further to Kyiv and save millions of lives (a similar thing happened in Georgia in 2008 with a humanitarian air force helicopter in the way).

So a ton in Congress -including Republicans and Democrats alike,

...have expressed strong desires to -at the very least provide stronger support to Ukraine including through providing drones and jets. If the Biden administration is hesitant in this regard, can or should Congress use it's power to force the US into providing such support? Or would such attempt even be successful?
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