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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 03:54 AM
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Mariupol: city council calls for help as residents die of starvation


If this is how NATO treats their NATO partners when they get invaded

I wonder if other NATO partners (non members) are reconsidering their affiliation.

Ukraine is a NATO partner, but not a member:


On edit: "reconsider" does not necessarily mean dissolving partnership but perhaps also considering increased priority in a mutual defense perspective.

Examples of partners having reconsidered their afilliations are Sweden and Finland: Both have requested full membership into NATO.

Zelenskyy: Ukraine asks for just 1% of your planes...so we can unblock our cities


🇺🇦Paula Chertok🗽🇺🇦
🔥🔥Zelensky to NATO: Ukraine asks for just 1% of your planes & tanks. So we don’t lose so many people. So we can unblock our cities where thousands are starving and dying. We just want to survive. Like any nation, we have a right to survive, a right to life.
Olga Tokariuk
President Zelensky to NATO: we asked for fighter jets, you have thousands of them, but haven't got any. You have 20,000 tanks - we need just 1% of them. We need them defend our country. We just want to live, to survive. I believe it's everyone's right.



The Kyiv Independent
⚡️ CNN: US still opposed to providing fighter jets to Ukraine.

A senior U.S. official told CNN that the country’s position has not changed on the matter.

“You have thousands of fighter jets, but we have not been given one yet,” President Zelensky in his video address to NATO.
8:44 AM · Mar 24, 2022

Ukraine military surrounds Russian forces...


The Kyiv Independent
⚡️Bucha City Council: Ukraine's military surround the towns of Bucha, Irpin and Hostomel near Kyiv.

It means that the Russian troops north-west of Kyiv are now encircled.
4:58 AM · Mar 23, 2022

"nuclear deterrence is [like] poker..."


olexander scherba🇺🇦
Nuclear deterrence is similar to the game of poker. Kinda important not to blink. With their “we won’t fight in Ukraine no matter what” assurances & constant phone calls to Putin, the West is blinking non-stop.

Keep calm & #standwithukraine!
12:27 AM · Mar 23, 2022

"The US and it's allies won't fight Russia's invasion of Europe in Ukraine because..."


The U.S. and its allies won’t fight Russia’s invasion of Europe in Ukraine because of the “risk of WWIII.” But then they claim, incongruously, that they’ll defend a NATO country – where the risk is as great.

Ukrainian MiGs have been enormously effective. Imagine what more could do.


Yeah I know this debate is basically dead, but Ukraine's pilots have proven they can use MiGs in ways most people thought unlikely or impossible.

Valerie Hopkins
Analysts expected 🇷🇺forces to quickly destroy/paralyze 🇺🇦air defenses + military aircraft, yet neither have happened. Instead,Top Gun-style aerial dogfights, rare in modern warfare, rage above the country.
⁦@MarichkaVareni1⁩ ⁦@AndrewKramerNYT⁩
Andriy, a Ukrainian Air Force pilot.“Every time when I fly, it’s for a real fight,” he said.
How Ukraine’s Outgunned Air Force Is Fighting Back Against Russian Jets
Aerial dogfights. Top Gun-style duels. Ukraine’s fighter pilots are badly outnumbered but have so far kept Russia from controlling the skies.
3:43 PM · Mar 22, 2022

Do you support NATO enforcing a no fly zone in Ukraine?

Yes, this includes potentially shooting down Russian jets if they don't leave the airspace. The original rationale for not doing it is escalation to nuclear war. Lately, there is increased talk that Russia will likely use smaller nuclear weapons anyways -regardless of whether the west is directly involved.

Edit: Interesting change so far from last Wednesday's poll. The last one showed 86% against and 14% for.

If Russia is actually flying 300 sorties in a day over Ukraine

It is pretty clear their air defense is no longer able to keep the sky contested. Any clue if Ukraine's going to get anything else to help them out yet? Those S-300s/400s coming through yet???


Ukraine liberates Makariv


The Kyiv Independent
⚡️Ukrainian troops liberate Makariv.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported on March 21 that “the Ukrainian flag was raised over the town of Makariv” and Russian forces have been pushed back. Makariv is located 60 kilometres west from Kyiv.
8:30 PM · Mar 21, 2022

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