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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 12:43 AM
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As a member of the LGBT community, this is what I fear in the near future...

This part of "V for Vendetta" has haunted me for the past few years...


Is there something we can do to help each other to vote in person during a pandemic?

Every Biden voter should do whatever possible to help other Biden voters to vote in person during this election. We need to brave the ballot box and mitigate the threat of the virus to collectively minimize as much as possible Trump's attempts to cancel our vote.

Some of my recommendations:

KN95 Masks


Rain Poncho to cover the rest of your body:

A brief history of election "rigging" in the United States

This article is a good read about the history of election manipulation in the U.S. Some excerpts...

"There was a rosy quality to this narrative. It imagined an American past in which voters went to the polls to peacefully cast their votes, gamely accepting the result even if it went against them. It was a narrative based on truth, but it was not the whole truth. The reality is that Trump’s conspiratorial way of thinking – his refusal to accept that the electoral system works in the way it claims to – is just as old as the alternative, rosy picture. The United States, by most measures, is the oldest mass democracy in the world – white men could vote almost without any property restrictions in most states as early as the 1810s, fully a century before the same was true in the UK (with the Representation of the People Act 1918). But its politics have always been rude and rumbustious – and, on occasion, rigged…"

"Election results in the 19th century were frequently contested, sometimes in the courts, but more often by appeals to the relevant legislature (at the state or federal level) who set up committees to investigate disputes among rival candidates. The hearings those committees held revealed amazing stories of the lengths that campaigns would go. For example, the practice of “cooping”, notoriously adopted by the Tammany Hall political machine in New York City, meant luring willing or unwilling men into a basement a day or two before the election, plying them with alcohol and food and then dragging them semi-conscious to the polling place on election morning."

"In Adams County, Ohio, in 1910, a judge brought to trial and convicted 1,690 voters – 26 percent of the whole electorate – for selling their votes. Especially in urban areas, political gangs openly used violence to carry elections. Isaiah Rynders was a notorious political boss and leader of the Empire Club in New York in the 1840s and 50s who led a heavily armed team of bruisers, smashing up opposition political meetings and patrolling the polling places to deter anyone who did not support their candidates. But he was far from alone. Also in New York, in 1853, a Democratic candidate for Congress, “Honest John” Kelly (the nickname was ironic), took an army of dock workers and volunteer firemen into a polling station on election day, smashed up the tables and tore up opposition ballots."


Killing 200,000 people is ok if a Republican does it...

If It's a Democrat, LOCK HER/HIM UP!!!

Apparently morals, ethics, rules, and laws only apply to Democrats and minorities in this country...

Understanding con artists (i.e. Republicans)

Here's a few videos I've found to get an idea of how con artists think, which is of course relevant in understanding how Republicans con voters.

One thing we as Democrats can do is to educate people not on issues, but on identifying scammers. Once they have that knowledge, they will be able to figure out for themselves that Trump and the GOP and the right wingers on the internet are scamming them.

The Supreme Court with Nine Justices is Backwards compared to other nations

India's Supreme Court has 30 judges, EU's Supreme Court has 27, Brazil has 11, Japan has 15. It's actually quite backwards that a federation of fifty states has a supreme court so small.

Rules and principles are for suckers, winning is everything

Integrity is for paupers

Do whatever it takes to win

These are examples of how Republicans think, and to them Democrats are chumps. We have been too nice and civil for too long.

Why do they hate us so much?

Especially hate us enough to overlook every contradiction, lie, and obvious BS of Trump in their support of him?

Is it merely dog training from Fox News and Right Wing Radio? Hate us because we defend minorities and don't put religion as the center of society? Or is there more to it?

One of the Myths that Fuels White Angst (and thus Support for Trump)...

...is the idea that white people will lose their majority status in America between 2040 and 2050, largely due to the hispanic population increase. That assumes though that hispanics don't melt, and will stay a distinct race.

I am half hispanic, my mom is a light skinned latina. I know many people who are technically hispanic or half hispanic and don't look nor act like it. An aunt of mine living in the U.S. is white enough to easily blend in with the white population, and one of her daughters passes easily as white (and had children with a white man, all three of them are pretty much white) and her other daughter has a boyfriend from Sweden. My partner is half hispanic, and looks white. Three old friends of mine are half hispanic and look white. Many hispanic people have children with white people, and much of the time their children look white.

I've also met many people in California that have darker skin/ look ethnic, but if you only heard their voice, you would think they were white.

This idea that minorities will drown out the european white culture in America is a myth that needs to have holes poked in it.
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