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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 12:43 AM
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Thatís the attitude that every Democrat should be having!

I really don't know why people said before that Joe Biden is uninspiring...

Joe Biden is the most emotionally in touch and empathic presidential candidate Iíve ever seen, and the most down to earth candidate and also speaks pretty well in speeches. Being in touch emotionally is important in mustering passion that is the fuel for pushing for change.

If Trump and his racist supporters think that they can easily win a civil war against Blue cities...

They are kidding themselves. Yes they may have tons of training with arms, but since they are often from rural and exurban areas, they have little experience with denser urban environments, not to mention they know little about the terrain they would be fighting in. Anyone who remembers discussions about war in Iraq would know of the dangers of urban warfare. They would likely also be up against black and hispanic gangs that know what they don't know about the urban environment and their neighborhood, and many blacks and hispanics nowadays have been trained in the U.S. Military. Also, dense urban cities like NYC, Philly, and San Francisco are packed enough for people to easily hide in crevices and rooftops and easily throw things to people on the streets. Imagine how easily it would be for people in places with buildings as high as five to 10 floors to shoot and throw things to people in the streets...

Of course, hopefully the worst that will happen is that Trumps supporters will be exposed as blustering cowards (all hat, no cattle), and Trump's supposedly mighty army would buckle and he will be frog marched out of office.
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