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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 12:43 AM
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I believe there was a Blue Wave, it just crashed into and through a Red Seawall...

A seawall of voter suppression and nasty tactics.

Greg Palast, who first documented the purging of 97,000 people off the voting rolls in Florida back in 2000 by Katherine Harris, released a book a few months ago called "How Trump stole 2020." In it, he documents several cases of Republicans doing the same thing before this election. The first example is Georgia:

"Once a year, since the beginning of this century, a group
of political hitmen, “Secretaries of State,” are allowed to
wipe out the voting rights of Americans by “purging” them
from the voter rolls.

As the Purge’n General of Georgia, Kemp used his power
like a chainsaw. In the lead-up to his run for Governor,
Kemp purged 665,677, two-thirds of a million registrations.
The Purge erased the voting rights of one in eight Georgians.
Including Ms. Jordan, Mr. Shabazz, Ms. Jones and Ms.

Note that Kemp was secretary of state of Georgia from 2010 to 2018.

And In chapter 5, the Unseen Tsunami, he writes:

"And spread it did. Swing states that would decide the 2020
election—Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin—had done a “Kemp
job” on their voter rolls.

Purge-mania was moving through GOP states like poop
through a goose. By mid-2020, leading into the Presidential
race, the urge to purge took over:

North Carolina—576,534
Wisconsin—99,000 (+232,000 listed for purge)

... and so on."

Republicans rigged this election and if it weren't for the HUGE effort that Democrats did (along with disaffected Republicans), we wouldn't have been able to breach the seawall that the Republicans had in place.

(On Edit: Changed title after a suggestion by a poster)
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