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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 12:43 AM
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Understanding con artists (i.e. Republicans)

Here's a few videos I've found to get an idea of how con artists think, which is of course relevant in understanding how Republicans con voters.

One thing we as Democrats can do is to educate people not on issues, but on identifying scammers. Once they have that knowledge, they will be able to figure out for themselves that Trump and the GOP and the right wingers on the internet are scamming them.

The Supreme Court with Nine Justices is Backwards compared to other nations

India's Supreme Court has 30 judges, EU's Supreme Court has 27, Brazil has 11, Japan has 15. It's actually quite backwards that a federation of fifty states has a supreme court so small.

Rules and principles are for suckers, winning is everything

Integrity is for paupers

Do whatever it takes to win

These are examples of how Republicans think, and to them Democrats are chumps. We have been too nice and civil for too long.

Why do they hate us so much?

Especially hate us enough to overlook every contradiction, lie, and obvious BS of Trump in their support of him?

Is it merely dog training from Fox News and Right Wing Radio? Hate us because we defend minorities and don't put religion as the center of society? Or is there more to it?

One of the Myths that Fuels White Angst (and thus Support for Trump)...

...is the idea that white people will lose their majority status in America between 2040 and 2050, largely due to the hispanic population increase. That assumes though that hispanics don't melt, and will stay a distinct race.

I am half hispanic, my mom is a light skinned latina. I know many people who are technically hispanic or half hispanic and don't look nor act like it. An aunt of mine living in the U.S. is white enough to easily blend in with the white population, and one of her daughters passes easily as white (and had children with a white man, all three of them are pretty much white) and her other daughter has a boyfriend from Sweden. My partner is half hispanic, and looks white. Three old friends of mine are half hispanic and look white. Many hispanic people have children with white people, and much of the time their children look white.

I've also met many people in California that have darker skin/ look ethnic, but if you only heard their voice, you would think they were white.

This idea that minorities will drown out the european white culture in America is a myth that needs to have holes poked in it.

Why Racism In America Is Every White Person's Business

At least every white person in the 99%. This article sums up the central idea:


Paul Krugman, the Nobel-winning economist and New York Times columnist, said in his keynote address at the Economic Policy Institute’s recent conference on “Taxing the (Very) Rich”: “Race is the reason the U.S. doesn’t look like other advanced countries in terms of a social-safety net.

“It’s central to everything,” Krugman said in a speech that focused on the risks to not just the economy but also democracy itself from the hyper-concentration of wealth at the very top of the income ladder.

Connie Razza, director of strategic research at the progressive activist group Center For Popular Democracy, also addressed the issue at the conference.

Our economy is grounded in racial capitalism, and race provides an excuse for the wealthy to convince poor white folks that they don’t have the same interests as poor people of color,” she said.

Racism is why America won't dare expand welfare benefits, why it won't dare adopt Medicare for all or anything else considered "socialism" for the masses, and why it hasn't cared all too much about the coronavirus. Racism is why America won't give a shit about making itself truly great. It's ok for America to be third world as long as "those damn minorities are kept in their place!" If White Americans want their country to not descend into a bad third world country, beyond fighting with Trump, they need to fight against racism because Trump is a mere conman opportunist compared to the long term problem about racism.

Tupac Talks Donald Trump & Greed in America in 1992 Interview

Trump is the monster that the 80's created

Trump is the epitome in a nutshell of the 80's mindset: greed is good, only care about yourself, the only thing that matters in life is money.

Just look at this MTV documentary from 1989, talking about the 80's, and it looks all too familiar...

skip to 11:28

Consequently also, this mindset from the 80's has contributed a great deal to destroying American society.


That’s the attitude that every Democrat should be having!

I really don't know why people said before that Joe Biden is uninspiring...

Joe Biden is the most emotionally in touch and empathic presidential candidate I’ve ever seen, and the most down to earth candidate and also speaks pretty well in speeches. Being in touch emotionally is important in mustering passion that is the fuel for pushing for change.
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