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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 12:43 AM
Number of posts: 998

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Even if Trump is not convicted in the Senate, the House Impeachment Managers...

Have not only showed America and the world what Trump has done, but are also laying out the evidence for the numerous civil and criminal cases that will likely be filed against him, which are now helped because lawyers already have had much of the work done by House Impeachment managers in gathering the evidence.

What messages does it send if Trump is acquitted after the trial?

That a president can get away with doing a coup attempt using their supporters as long as they dance well enough around their intentions?

That a president can get away with one of the highest crimes in the republic and can also successfully intimidate with violence the legislative branch and their own party?

That mafia and banana republic tactics are now acceptable in America?

I really hope that Cyrus Vance doesn’t end up being another Mueller and Fitzgerald, our republic deserves justice.

The Silver Lining in an otherwise dark four years

- Republicans can’t claim to be Pro-Life anymore

- Republicans can’t claim to be patriots after showing how they hate our democracy and democratic government, and are pro-fascist (“only one party wanted to overturn democracy because they didn’t like the result, that’s not patriotic”)

- Republicans show how they hate the elderly in that they left them largely in harms way of the coronavirus in a stupid attempt at herd immunity (or just plain extreme selfishness.)

- Republicans confirmed to everyone that they are the party of white racists, and which sadly led to them not doing shit about the coronavirus in large part because it was killing a lot of blacks and latinx people.

- Republicans confirmed their Nazi tendencies with both the attempted genocide using the coronavirus as well as the caging of children and separating them from their parents.

- Republicans confirmed to everyone how dumb they are, including following bizarre conspiracy theories including QAnon, and including the sacking of the Capitol building largely by nitwits who did not think they would be punished.

- Republicans have confirmed that they are the party of cowards with how the party cowered to Trump for four years, even with awful displays of cowardice (Lindsay Graham as an example.)

- No one can ever say that there’s no difference between both parties since Trump has shown that they are the party of empty suits, racism, greed, hyper selfishness, idiocy, insanity, toxic masculinity, bullying, authoritarianism, and violence.

It is refreshing but also upsetting to finally have a coronavirus rescue team...

That out of sheer bad luck, a pandemic came during the worst president in the history of America, and hundreds of thousands of Americans had to pay the price as a result. Even more upsetting that if it were not for competent government in office, this whole pandemic could have been nipped in the bud due to better government funding of the virology labs in Wuhan.

This is a painful lesson on the importance of government and winning politically for us. We have an obligation to fight to the best of our ability against the party of hate and greed. It is a moral imperative to battle against the forces of darkness for the future of us, our children, the nation, and even democracy itself and the world.

This coup attempt would not have happened if White America wasn't so racist

Trump and the MAGATs have been heavily fueled by racism (including white chauvinism) and anxiety of losing their white privileges, especially because of Obama, and can't stand their "white America" being taken away.

IT IS TIME TO END RACISM IN AMERICA. These MAGATs need to accept that America is rooted in ideas and values and NOT race! America is for everyone of every race, gender, religion, etc... and NOT just for one race! If you can't understand someone of a different race or other minority group, that DOES NOT mean that it gives YOU any right to judge them, and especially to do any hostile / harmful action against them!

EVERYONE that promoted the Big Lie leading up to potential civil war SHOULD BE JAILED

And especially people in positions of influence, including Fox News hosts, OAN, Newsmax, right wing media, Breitbart, etc... as well as many Republican congress members, they are responsible for leading to a new violent civil war. Sedition is not protected speech, they should all be imprisoned for threatening the democratic republic of the United States.

It is still outrageous that we have come this close to civil war because not just Trump, but a whole horde of selfish, treasonous people in Right Wing media and in the Republican Party.

Remember how obsessed Republicans were with Benghazi?

This is far worse and they are just telling us to “move on?”

They are slimier than a bucket of slugs and they would make Goebbels proud.

Being Ignorant is not a defense for sedition

One cannot defend themselves against sedition by claiming that they didn't know that the evidence for voter fraud was fake, everyone has the duty to make sure their evidence checks out, and Trump has lost over 60 cases, numerous recounts, and every discrepancy has either been explained reasonably or was relatively insignificant, and everything points against election fraud. Knowing all of this and continuing to claim that the election was stolen is knowingly committing sedition and should be punished to the full extent of the law.

Anyone who gets in the way of swift consequences of the insurrection is a traitor

This is about as dangerous a situation as it gets for the nation, and if our democratic government falls and many more people die (and for everyone that dies because of Trump's dictatorship in the potential future), it will be in part for everyone that got in the way of swift consequences for the insurrectionists. This is pure treason and emboldens all of our enemies if anyone gets in the way of swift consequences of insurrectionists.

Trump has mass radicalized a huge minority of America and have successfully coaxed them...

into violence and insurrection. This is truly a dangerous moment for the future of America.

With so many people, especially in law enforcement, the military, politicians, and other positions of significance, have been radicalized, any one of these people can sabotage and contribute in the assassination of our non-radicalized politicians, including our own Democratic Party politicians. This situation eerily reminds me of the Dark Knight movie, where the police was having a hard time fighting off the Joker and protecting against assassination attempts because the police department had been so compromised with corrupt police officers.

I hate to say it but I talked to my own father about the attack on the capitol and he just laughed, he first supported Trump then hated Trump, but I don't understand now why he's for Trump again. And he told me that Trump is his hero! And he's Chinese! If my father can be this callous, I don't expect for one moment that any white trump supporter will be far more callous.
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