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Member since: Wed Mar 11, 2020, 01:07 AM
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Music to my ears (Fauci)

Holy shit.

Fauci just said "One thing about this new administration is that if you don't know the answer, just say you don't know, don't guess."

That'll solve half of the problems we have on it's own.

this pardons list is boring AF

No Tiger King? No Assange? No Snowden? No Trump kids? No Ted Cruz's Dad? No insurrectionist army?

Trump basically pardoned Bannon, an old mayor from Detroit, a guy who stole his own designs for autonomous cars, Lil Wayne, and a bunch of people nobody has ever heard of.

lol, the MAGA guys are mad.

A warning to mods and users......Qanon

I fully expect that once Biden is sworn in and starts to govern.....the Qanon folks are going to start to pivot.

They have invested the lie for 3 years and the influences have built incomes from it. I fully expect them to incorporate Biden as "part of the plan."

Some already say Biden and Trump did a "face swap." I expect most will say Biden and Trump are secretly working together in some way because the Deep State trusts Biden and he can infiltrate them or some bullshit

I expect they could start showing up here in the next few months.

A: Don't buy into their nuttiness like FR did.

B: Remember that most of the believers are victims of a scam.

C: Remember that the influences are perpetuating a lie that is ruining lives.

When they do show up, maybe we can deradicalize them.

I could be wrong, but their lives are built around "trust the plan" and when Trump leaves tomorrow they will either have to say he is a traitor, say its all a lie, or say Biden is part of the plan.

You guess which is easier.

UPDATE: It is already starting...


Its not fair to compare Trump to Nixon

Because Nixon actually accomplished a lot during his Presidency.

Ended Vietnam
Established SSI
Established EPA
Serious foreign policy wins in Russia and China.
The Nixon Doctrine is still used today when he arm countries instead of directly send troops.

At the end of his first term he was very popular and of course the 1972 election was among the most one sided in history.

Had he not committed the Watergate scandal, he'd be remembered by most as a very consequential president and by many as a very good president.

Trump accomplished nothing and has no. "Wins" to speak of. Every foreign policy decision he made ended up to be bad. NK had a bomb and got a meeting with the president and toms of fanfare for it. China is more powerful, with more allies, than ever. Putin 8s more entrenched in a re-emerging. The EU, NATO, and UN are weakened.

Also, almost everything he did in his entire term will be erased from US policy within months.

When faced with the prospect of dividing the nation for self interest, Nixon resigned and Trump tried to start a civil war.

It's not fair to Nixon, or any President, to compare him to Trump. All of them tried to govern in good faith and while many made sometimes huge mistakes, Trump is the only one who actively tried to end liberal democracy. He should be in a category all his own.

If you are interested in the origins of Qanon

You don't need to go much further than this


You can also find it on Spotify, Apples, etc.

Another great resource


However, it's not a podcast that you can really go back and listen to because it's really geared to current events. But it would be something good to pay attention to from here on to keep up on the things happening in that world.

I may have missed it...

but have we had a real conversation about how Biden's stimulus bill included raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15.00 an hour?

Some people seem to want to complain about $1,400 vs $2,000 checks and this significant progressive goal is being ignored.

Major changes at CNN

Jake Tapper will become Chief Washington Correspondent, meaning he will be the one to make all major political announcements such as the calling of states on air. His weekday show, The Lead, will be expanding to two hours.

Wolf Blitzer's show, The Situation Room, will move to 6:00 PM and be shortened to one hour. Blitzer will remain as the networks anchor for all breaking news and host Special Reports.

Abby Phillip will take over the Sunday edition of "Inside Politics", John King will remain as the weekday host.

Dana Bash will take over hosting duties for every other week for "State of the Union" with Tapper remaining as host or the remaining weeks. She will also have a standing quarterly primetime interview special.

Jim Acosta will be leaving the WH Press Pool and taking over as a weekend anchor and Chief Domestic Correspondent.

Pamela Brown will get and anchor position during the weekend 6-9 timeslot.

Kaitlan Collins will be the new chief White House correspondent to replace Acosta.

Clearly CNN is setting a hard focus on the news while Fox is reducing it's primetime news programming and adding an additional hour of opinion programs.


Derrick Evans

resigned from the WV House of Delegates today.


It's wrong to laugh at people getting hurt...

but I'm doing it anyway.


Zip tie guy

Has this been posted yet?

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