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Member since: Wed Mar 11, 2020, 01:07 AM
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Regardless of everything that has happened and how it has been covered...

Afghanistan won't change a single vote in 2024.

Americans don't vote on foreign policy and they don't vote on thing that happened 3 years prior.

Also, there's a fair chance that being the guy who ended the Afghanistan war becomes a major feather by that time. I believe that's what Biden thinks too, which is why he doesn't really care if he takes a hit on it in the moment. Is the person running against going to bring it up and then say what when asked if they think we should put troops back in?

Either they say no and admit leaving was the right decision OR say yes and have to stand by being the one who wants to reenguage in that mess. Both a losing arguments. Or worse, spend their time trying to thread some needle between the two.
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