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Member since: Wed Mar 11, 2020, 01:07 AM
Number of posts: 3,282

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Still early in the count but

Even as the margin adjust some....this isn't the type of result that is going to set off any alarm bells for Democrats in 2022.

Regardless of everything that has happened and how it has been covered...

Afghanistan won't change a single vote in 2024.

Americans don't vote on foreign policy and they don't vote on thing that happened 3 years prior.

Also, there's a fair chance that being the guy who ended the Afghanistan war becomes a major feather by that time. I believe that's what Biden thinks too, which is why he doesn't really care if he takes a hit on it in the moment. Is the person running against going to bring it up and then say what when asked if they think we should put troops back in?

Either they say no and admit leaving was the right decision OR say yes and have to stand by being the one who wants to reenguage in that mess. Both a losing arguments. Or worse, spend their time trying to thread some needle between the two.

Some signs of Republicans making coordinated effort to push vaccine

Steve Scalise just tweeted about getting his first dose. McConnell is reportedly pushing members to get vaccinated. Several Fox news hosts now pushing it to viewers...

Somethings up over there. Have to be realizing that killing vyour voters isn't a good GOTV strategy.

Take it as you will....but looks like Shaun King

has deactivated his Twitter account.....

I think that's great news.

Golden opportunity for Biden

He should go hardline on Cuban regime now. Pressure campaign in support of protests. If it means rubbing progressives in congress the wrong way then so be it.

Become the face of Cuban democracy and the Repiblican foothold in Florida will disintegrate.


Richard Jewell

I was listening to a podcast on Qanon yesterday and they were discussing Lin Wood. They said Wood first made contact with Trump through Steve Wynn while lobbying to get Richard Jewell a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom..

That got me thinking.....regardless of how loony Wood is....doesn't Jewell deserve recognition in that way? Jewell found Rudolph's bomb and did a great job of getting the area cleared....saving potentially dozens, or more, lives. His thanks was having his life ruined by the FBI leaking him as a suspect to the press.

Considering how awful some people who got that award are....why not Jewell who by most accounts was a good guy who just wanted to help people?

Proud Boys struggling financially.....selling BLM and Impeach 45 swag

To get by. Be careful where you buy your gear.


How Joe Manchin Speaks for a lot of Americans.

Written by Harry Enten, one of the best data journalists out there today.


The Democratic Senators Hiding Behind Joe Manchin


As I've said before on this board, Manchin serves as a tank to take incoming fire for other Democrats who agree with him. Being the bipartisan guy who is willing to stand up to his party help him in WV and it protects others from having to constantly deal with progressive ire.

Joe Manchin is Right.

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