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Member since: Wed Mar 11, 2020, 01:07 AM
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McConnell introduced a "poison pilled" stimulus raise bill

That includes repeal of Section 230 and the formation of a commission to study election fraud in the 2020 election.

What a shithead. Fuck that guy. I say we call his bluff and pass it.

Repealing Section 230 is way more harmful to Republicans than it is Democrats or big tech companies. Trump wouldn't be President right now without it and the Republican base replies on FaceBook and other sites to spread its message.

And who gives a fuck about a commission to study election fraud. That's a toothless committee that isn't going to find anything anyway. There wasn't any fraud in the 2020 election, so study away. Biden will be inaugurated before that committee could even we put together and start looking at anything. Trump already tried this once and they split up without even issuing a report. Hell, Trump would commission a committee on his own. This is a big nothing.

Call McConnell bluff and pass it. These aren't Republican poison pills, they are Republican suicide pills.

The Georgia race

should be about NOTHING else buy Mitch McConnell. From today forward that should be the only thing that is discussed down there. No matter what the candidates say. Point things like the $2,000 stimulus and say that it doesn't matter what Loffler and Purdue say they would do, if McConnell is in charge they'll never get a chance to vote for it. The only way to make sure Mitch McConnell doesn't get to be in charge is to send Democrats to the Senate. Make sure everyone in Georgia knows that they aren't voting for the candidates, if they vote for an R or don't show up to vote D, they are voting for Mitch McConnell.

MM is one of the most unpopular politicians in the country, among Democrats AND MAGA-types. It's a very close race, so getting some of those guys to burn down their house to spite McConnell isn't out of the question.

The target in the Nashville attack

Is really looking like its the AT&T data center. Thats not for sure, but it has to be right there at the top of the list.

I haven't seen anything about this place in particular but it's one of those Level 3 fiber facilities that groups like the NSA have used to tap into systems before. It is certainly the kind of target I could see a radicalized Qanon follower going after, believing that the intelligence community was using it to steal the election or some other nonsense.

Buttigieg will be nominated for Secretary of Transportation

CNN reporting now.

A lot of talk on right wing boards that

Georgia SoS Raffensperger is planning to switch parties in a few weeks.

I take everything I read in those places with a big grain of salt. I can't find the source of it anywhere. Has anyone seen this being talked about anywhere? Usually I can find where the information comes from, even when it's false.

Heads up everybody. QANON is going to really lose it today...


Seeing a lot of people who are trying to push cabinet picks...

but don't have an business being involved.

Just was Nina Turner on CNN trying to say that the cabinet isn't diverse enough. First of all, Nina Turner and all of her friends can stfu on trying to influence anything in the Biden Administration. This is the same lot that made up rape accusations during the primary, called Biden a racist, blamed him for all of the problems with prisons, pushed the Green Party, and on and on.

Nina Turner, David Sirota, Brie-Bire, Susan, Ryan Knight.....they can all go grift somewhere else for the next four years and see if they want to be a more constructive group next time around. Maybe then they can figure out if they want to help us win and reap the rewards or not.

We should impeach

And name every crime we think Trump may have committed.

Not to remove him, but to prevent a pardon. The constitution explicitly carves out cases of impeachment when defining presidential pardon powers

They could still argue that the pardon doesn't apply to impeachment but on DoJ proseuctions....but thats something we could fight.
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