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Member since: Wed Mar 11, 2020, 01:07 AM
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Guy on the cnn panel just said

Something I warned about as soon a RBG passed.

"I'm pro-life so I want to wait and see if ACB gets on the court. If she does I'll vote for Joe Biden."


Because he will have the justices he wanted and can dump Trump after.

Remember a lot of evangelicals relationship with Trump was transactional and once they got what they wanted....they don't need him anymore. This is also why Biden hasn't come out for court packing.

CNN focus group: who won?

Trump - 0

Biden - 9

Draw - 2

Well.....there is Trump helping Biden with the Latino vote.

Only the lowest IQ ones show up to court?

Aye aye aye

Gotta admit, it's pretty funny

watching Trump October Surprise, that he worked on for a year and a half, fall apart.

The Trumpers are screaming into the void that is the RW media bubble. It's echoing around there and going nowhere else.

Each day Fox drops some new item that supposed to prove that it's all true.....and nobody outside of the MAGA cult believes it for a second lol. No mainstream media site picks it up, no honest reporter writes anything about it. Social media is even deleting the nutty stuff and probably killing the trends they are trying to push with it.

These folks are losing their minds that they can't get their con out there to the masses like they did a few years ago.

They even trotted Ratcliff out there today to try to play the Comey roll.....the problem is that Comey had credibility at that point and the current Trump-flunky DNI doesn't.

Pretty funny to watch them flail.

Give Rs some of their own medicine..

We should start rumors that Antifa will be serving as poll watchers in R heavy districts in swing states.....see how they respond to that

Who's going to be watching Bidens "Hamilton" Town Hall Friday night?

I know I am.


I think we should thank NBC

Trump is going to go on national TV and take questions from voters? Does anything think that's going to go well for him?

Trump getting more exposure hasn't been a good thing for him. His poll numbers would be higher if he had locked himself in that Bunker back in July and not come out. Let him prove to everyone that he's still crazy again.

The people most like to watch either of them are supporters, not undecided voters. If you are undecided at this point you're stupid or totally disconnected and you'll be watching reruns of Jersey Shore or some other braindead show, not tuning in to hear these guys. However, anything nutty that Trump says is going to be picked up by everyone and ran on a loop for a few days.

As much as the media would enjoy a horserace......a good Trump is crazy story makes them pretty happy too.

Wow. That sexting scandal sure did change the race in NC...


Nobody cares who this guy is diddling.

Just so Pence is aware...

Most experts believe that COVID infections are an order of magnitude greater than reported numbers....

So we likely already have over 60 million covid infections, not 7 million.

"You can't defeat hate.....hate only hides until someone. breaths life into it."

Maybe not a direct quote of Biden but very close. That's an astute statement and completely true.

Trump is breathing COVID filled air into hate as we speak.
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