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Gender: Male
Current location: New York
Member since: Fri Mar 6, 2020, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 2,491

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Why is it ok to have fraud for the PPP program but it's unacceptable for the current bill?

Just heard on MSNBC that the republican panel said if there is fraud for the current democratic bill, it will be bad and would destroy the credibility of the bill. They are the same people who praise the PPP program breathlessly. We saw there were frauds where people were charged by using the fund for a boat or a new car. Why is it ok for the PPP program to have fraud but suddenly when it's a democratic bill and it is unacceptable to have any fraud?

PS. I am not saying there will be fraud for the current bill.

My Trumper parents just asked me to delete their facebook and whatsapp accounts.

I guess Facebook can finally die now that they pissed democrats off months/years ago and the Trumpers now.

If we get both GA seats, who will be the senior and junior senator from GA?

Would they be swore in at the same time?

When is the last time we heard about Hunter Biden? Nope.

Yeah. It's the 120k COVID cases new single day record that would magically disappear after Nov. 3rd. LOL

Clayton (GA) will report it's remaining 5.7k votes at midnight EST.


Nate Cohn: That will be enough for Biden to take the lead.

Biden wins new batch of ballots in PA by 50 points

Biden needs about 22 points lead for the rest of the ballots to overtake Trump's lead.


Biden's won those ballots by ~50 points, not 40.



Trump +195,953 votes
6,277,135 votes reporting
~88% estimated vote reporting
~855,973 votes remaining
Biden must win remaining votes 525,963 to 330,010.
Biden must win remaining ballots 61% - 39%.

Biden is favored. Mail ballots are HEAVILY D.

Lets put this in perspective. It's historically very hard to win against an incumbent.

Yes, we didn't get the landslide we wanted. But Biden is going to win as a challenger. Trump is going down in history as one of the very few 1 term presidents.

Warnock (GA runoff) will be a very expensive race if we are at 49/50 for senate

I don't get the talking heads talking point about the 7.9 GDP growth

Yes, that's a good number. But you don't get to claim victory without looking at why we get that kind of number. It's because the economy went into the dump and a lot of business had to close down (some temporary, some permanent). So I don't see how this is a win for Trump.

Anyone has any idea about NY-11 Max Rose chance (Staten Island/south Brooklyn district)

There is still no polling for NY-11 this cycle. There were only 2 polls back in 2018.

My assumption is the house seat will go to the party that wins on the presidential level.

Have anyone heard anything about this race? Or if someone has a different view on this race?
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