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Member since: Fri Feb 28, 2020, 02:52 PM
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ELECTION REFORM - It's time. Paper ballots. Counting overseen by bipartisan workers.

And the results take as long as it takes.

This is an issue that many democrats have wanted for a long time. This might be a way for the unifying of Americans to begin. We need to hold these seditionists accountable, and I won't be satisfied until all of them are locked up.

But it makes sense to have a paper trail. We can still use computers to help do an initial counting, but we've seen some strange programming errors in the past that tipped the scales in a way that was the TOTAL OPPOSITE of what was predicted, and did not jibe with exit polls. (In fact, I still don't understand how Mitch McConnell regained his seat. Ok. Maybe.)

So...this is a chance for Americans to make sure that the programming cannot be hacked and make it through, because there will be hand counts as well, and this will serve as an immediate audit. No certification until the teams are through counting.

I think ELECTION REFORM is the place to start. If we have to give ground on photo ID's, or some other means of historical disenfranchisement, then I'm willing to join ANY organization that helps people everywhere to obtain and have a voter identification in order to REGISTER to vote. County Election officials must get the obituaries/death certificates of every dead person forwarded to them, and it has to match the information on the voter registration before ANYONE can be taken off the rolls. There has to be a way of telling which voter by the same name has moved/died, etc. This will be the most difficult task for election officials, but it needs to be done.

But, once registered, every voter who wants to should be allowed to vote by mail. Many states already do this, and it's a better way of voting. (Paper trail, for one. Convenience, for another.) Any discrepancies between eligible voters in a county and the number of ballots cast, instantly calls for an audit if there are more ballots than voters.

Furthermore, NO ELECTED OFFICIAL should for ANY reason, be allowed to eliminate a voter (ANY voter) from the voting rolls without approval of both parties, or an independent commission.

I'm just throwing out there some things both sides have brought up. Stacey Abrams has given me faith that we can reach out to EVERY voter in the country, and help them be registered and assisted and encouraged in every way to cast their ballots.

But to make voting count, we need to have standards of what can be spread over the internet and on the cable news, so we don't have two sets of reality going on at the same time, dividing the country. We can have different opinions, but we should NOT be having two sets of facts. And we need to make sure people know the difference.

It just seems to me that we need to start somewhere, and I've always felt like elections were just not as stable in the USA as they are with our neighbors to the North.

Like waking up on Christmas morning to see I finally got my pony!!!

We finally went to bed about midnight last night...but first thing this morning I came to DU to see if I wanted to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head.

But I've been on the phone ever since I got up, talking to all my dem friends who were just as freaked out about this election as I was! And it's been a celebration burning up the phone lines ever since!

Georgia is my new favorite state!!!
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