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Member since: Fri Feb 28, 2020, 02:52 PM
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Just had a terrible confrontation w/ a friend: Damn Fox "news" to hell!

This woman and I have been becoming friends for a few years, and have friends in common. We've met a couple of times car-window to car-window for social distancing lunches, which a lot of girlfriends are doing these days.

This woman is a Phd. and a minister, late 60's. So we're talking about this man she's interested in, and how she hasn't seen him because of social distancing, and all of a sudden....here she goes with Fox "news" crap:

"The liberals are trying to count all deaths as coronavirus to make trump look bad".

"Trump is the chosen one of God, and when he's out of office, the liberals are going to start what the Bible says in Armageddon. These are the end days, and the liberals are the devil's pawns."

I interrupted her and said, "You must be a Fox "news" fan."

She says "Of course I am! They're the only ones that tell the TRUTH about things. All the other channels are run by the liberals, and they lie all the time. Fox is the only place that I can get a fair and balanced take on what is going on!"

She said: "what corked it for me...ya wanna know what corked it for me? Liberals kill babies!!! The doctor puts the baby in her hands and she kills it!!!" (She said it. Her face was all contorted.)

I said: "I AM A LIBERAL!!! And that is SO not true!!!"

It went downhill from there.

It was over an hour ago, and I'm still shaking, and deeply sad. Fox is making liberals out to be the devil with these people. How is that not splitting this country apart? How can they be allowed to do this?

Furthermore, this person had "links" to videos that she wanted to send me to prove it. I told her I didn't want to see any such trash. And I told her to turn off Fox news. She said she loves it. She loves it, but she hates liberals.

Fox "news". Something has to be done. I don't see how we can ever heal from this. I don't ever want to see this woman again, and I know so many people think just like she does. How can we be the "united" states, if fox keeps programming 1/2 of the people to HATE the other half?
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