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LizBeth's Journal
LizBeth's Journal
September 24, 2023

brokerage CD

brokerage CD. when getting a brokerage cd for a year, can the amount you put in lose money over the course of the year and if the time is fulfilled you end up with money you put in and the interest amount when it is all done even if over the course of time you see your amount go from say 100k to 75k with the fluctuation of market.

September 1, 2023

i have to buy a laptop and thought maybe labor day sale. what do i have to look out for/

so water spilled on puter and shift no longer works so no capital or question marks or exclamation. i only use it for normal stuff but not gaming or work or whatever else people do that needs lots of power or whatever. though i do not like slow, i get impatient. and i am computer stupid and need easy.

is there anything i have to make sure i have in a laptop/ i generally just grab the lowest price.

thanks for the information.

btw another reason i tend to go cheapest is cause i tend to spill on it like water, wine, diet dr pepper, so behooves me not to invest too much.

there has gotta be a karen....

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