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LizBeth's Journal
LizBeth's Journal
July 15, 2023

Is there a law or code about the water pressure in Minneapolis? It seems low.

I have lived in the SW and the NW and never had issue with water pressure. I moved to Minneapolis a year ago and first apartment felt like water just dribbled out and never got too hot for me to put hands under or have it full hot and stand under the shower. And the pressure is so bad I can lather body up while under shower. It was really bad. I started looking at places to buy and would check the showers and seemed they were only a little better but since not in the shower could not really tell. Moved to another apartment. One of the issues I was so excited about was getting a normal shower. LOVE my showers. A hot hot shower. One of my fav daily. But the pressure only seems a little better. Now the shower head is much bigger so I am getting a larger area of spray than the other apartment but still lacks. I have never experienced this in other places I lived.

I have googled if there is an ordinance or code where water pressure is lower than other areas of the country but have not found anything. Does anyone know? Not much I can do but live with it. Still curious.

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