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Hometown: Calif
Home country: United States
Current location: Eugene, Or
Member since: Sun Feb 23, 2020, 09:57 PM
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So people saying, why call it, no hurry, doesn't matter. Relief across the nation and around the

world. Joyous celebration. 360 pounds lighter.

It matters.

I have people from all over throwing messages on my FB wall, that couldn't believe the win and sat in stress for the last four days, telling me you were right. Anyone could have seen it but many people did not trust, until the election was called.

And a big sigh of conclusion was handed to us this morning, and we can FINALLY go on with our day.

Ultimate in gaslighting, oddest of ways. Pretend that there is still question about this election.

This is Biden's motorcade. It is a Presidential motorcade. He is being briefed at the level of President. Yesterday evening they beefed up his security at the level of a President. They cleared the airspace around his house as they do with the President.

Every person that knows anything knows Biden has won GA, AZ, NV and Penn.

Everyone knows Biden is the President elect.

What a charade and why? To appease trump and his supporters because their egos can't handle realty which is the hell we have been living for these last four years. And this is just more of it. Being told be patient, when there is obviously not a single reason, but to coddle Trump.


So if we have Georgia, does that make President Biden even without the others? Az, Wi, Mi, Ga. Does

that put him over the top? Not waiting for NV. And anythi9ng after is cherry on top?

Glass half full, so, I am really bummed about the senate, I am concerned about health care,

while old and a pandemic and Biden getting anything done and judges appointed with a Republican senate. The upside, a Biden win gets Trump out and we do not have to hear that vile, disgusting, crude, mean, nasty voice again.

That is a good thing.

But this morning my son called and needed to rant so while walking my dog, with him on speaker we ranted about the nazi rw vote, and vile Trump as I passed old person after old person, without a care in the world that they heard our castration of Republicans. The conversation did both of us good.

Toward the end of the conversation I concluded that Biden goes in and does executive order after executive order undoing Trump damage and beefing up our departments that have been weakened and hurt for two years. 2022 we have more chances with the republicans in senate and blue wave them, then Biden spend two more years passing legislation.

Not the blue wave we wanted today, but they threw every corrupt, dishonest, oppression/suppression action against our vote at us and I think we will still get Trump out. That is a win.

I am at the point of accepting, and stating we will be ok. The 5 stages. I can wait two years not getting sick.

How does that sound?

But we needed the senate. Really needed the senate. What does the number sit at now?

Anyone knows? I am so disappointed Graham, Ernst got it and looking like Collins. We got Kelly. Co. dude, that is two. So that takes us to 49/51? Not good. We lose healthcare at that.

Oregon Gov Brown on voting and numbers in our state.

Governor Kate Brown
The numbers on why Oregon is one of the best states for voting:
✅ 73: percent of Oregonians who ALREADY voted!
✅ 92: percent of eligible Oregonians registered to vote
✅ 0.0001: percent of voter fraud (yep, not a thing)
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