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Hometown: Calif
Home country: United States
Current location: Eugene, Or
Member since: Sun Feb 23, 2020, 09:57 PM
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I remember hearing at the start of covid in March that if insured and end up in hospital, insurance

was to pick up covid bill. Later reading about bills coming in to people, I decided that didn't happen. The other day I was talking to a woman about not wanting to get sick because money out of pocket and she informed me that with insurance, I would not be responsible for the bill, insurance would pick it up. I do not really believe it.

Now my niece has it, mid 20's been going on for day and last night high fevers and she is concerned about hospital bill. She said she has crappy insurance, but she does have insurance.

Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks.

Ya, I am going there. I just texted a young voter in Minneapolis. Nov 3, sunny and 57.

The day after, 58. They get it cold so these temperatures are like spring or something, lol. And here it is going to be a beautiful, warm, sunshiny fall day to wait in lines and vote. The person I text wants to do it day of. In person.

I told him, ... You all can rejoice and do an happy dance in the streets the next day. Free at last, free at last. Then we can all put our heads down and make it thru the next two months the best we can and hope we survive. But the day after, I think we need a nation celebrating in the streets. Like we had the woman's protest the day after election in 2017 in pink hats. World wide celebration.

Before the horse? Yes. But, I want to do it. We can all spontaneously break out in joy on social media, in the streets, seeing and dancing and cheering.

People, this election gets us as close as we can, to a known win and instead of projecting nervous and fearful, by gosh, I am going to enjoy it. We earned it. We deserve it. And I am taking it. I have voted and now for the next 6 days, I am going to cheer all those other voters on to have our national blue wave.

CNN: DHS Prepares To Flood Major Cities With Trump's Agents Ahead Of Election

According to CNN, two immigration enforcement agencies within the Department of Homeland Security are preparing to send federal agents into American cities ahead of next week’s election, which federal and local authorities believe could spark large-scale protests.

The preparations are being made despite harsh criticism over the deployment of federal agents during protests over the summer, which “Officials in cities such as Portland, Oregon, and Washington, DC...argued the increased federal presence was fueling protests, rather than de-escalating the situation.”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is putting personnel on standby in the run up to next week's election, according to a senior ICE official, while Customs and Border Protection has been regularly training personnel -- an extension of the deployments this summer, an agency official said.

"We have teams ready to go as needed," said Ken Cuccinelli, the senior official performing the duties of the Homeland Security deputy secretary, but pointed out that "we don't have any specific intelligence that suggests any particular threat of violence."

According to the senior ICE official, personnel will be deployed if needed to help protect federal buildings, which would free up state and local officials if there are riots or crowd control issues.


Very cool for Oregon. They put out this message on voting this morning.

Diverse Eugene

Attention Lane County voters -- Be sure your vote counts! It's too late to mail your ballot. Now you need to take it to a ballot drop box or to the Lane County Elections Office, 275 W 10th Ave, Eugene by 8pm Tues Nov. 3

Make sure to sign the return envelope after verifying your name and current residence address is correct.

A local taxi company offers free rides to ballot drop boxes. Schedule your ride 24 hours in advance: https://www.kezi.com/.../Local-taxi-company-offers-free...

Ballot Drop Box Locator: https://sos.oregon.gov/voting/Pages/drop-box-locator.aspx

Oregon voting information: https://sos.oregon.gov/voting-elections/Pages/default.aspx

Lane County Elections Information:

This was a wonderful example of Du exceptionalism. I am reading a thread that Hays county in Texas

has done extraordinarily well with Democratic vote. I did a google search where Hays county is, because San Marco is south of Austin and sure enough, San Marco falls in that county. That is where my son is going to university and he is part of college Democratic party.

Going thru the thread I see my son in a picture. Now, he is behind the dude in the front of the photo, BUT... with covid, I did not get a visit from him this summer. And I will probably not get the visit with Christmas, even though we miss each other so, he does not want to kill me. But, this has made my Friday evening here in the NW seeing my son on DU. How fun is that. Thank you DU, you made my evening.

Dave Wasserman
Interesting: Hays County, TX just south of Austin is poised to be the first in the U.S. to surpass its 2016 total votes cast. So far, 65,819 voters have cast ballots, vs. 72,164 in all of '16.

It's also the likeliest county in TX to flip from Trump '16 to Biden '20.
3:51 PM · Oct 23, 2020


I am confused. Loved ones are not allowed into rooms with covid patients. They are video'ing

the man in an hospital room with covid, yet patients are dying without loved ones.

The very group at superspreader Saturday are actively working at taking my healthcare in the

middle of a pandemic.

Then I am reading post after post telling me I am suppose to be compassionate and caring for these people that have medical care and getting the utmost in treatment.

Fuck that. truly, fuck that. Why would anyone demand that I care about people that want to take my HC leaving me with nothing during a pandemic. That leaves me to die an horrible death or end up homeless.

This makes no sense and if anyone is going to argue with me that I am suppose to be the better person caring about a single one of these assholes that want to take my HC, then give me a reasonable argument why I should be held to that expectation.
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