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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Calif
Home country: United States
Current location: Eugene, Or
Member since: Sun Feb 23, 2020, 09:57 PM
Number of posts: 9,887

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If you are out of UI this week or one week shy, still keep filing the weekly claim.

I have been stressed for the last couple weeks not only getting an extended UI but also getting kicked off UI today, filing my last claim and what does that mean for us.

Someone gave me an heads up that their state says keep filing that weekly UI. That makes sense to me. I feel much better that there is a reasonable answer to the possibility of what we need to do and since I was stressing so, I figure others are to. so an heads up for those inn the same situation or info for others, if they her of someone else asking questions.

So when the 13 wk, Dec 26 deadline is used, keep filing that weekly claim.

Thanks Lefta for the info.

When UI extension looks to be had, this is the second time a threat comes to vote it down because

there is not a 1200 check for all, by first an Independent and now it sounds like a Democratic congresswoman. If I am wrong, please let me know because for me, this is harsh.

Two weeks before being kicked off UI, in winter with a spike from a pandemic, I am struggling to get an hold of unemployment to talk to a person. I have not been able to talk to a person on the phone for on and off, 9 months. Started calling again this morning. I found out that I have one more ui employment payment before I have used up the Dec 26 extension, which is really not even that. I, along with many, thought this PUI would take us to Dec 26, until I did the math. I does not. We find out a couple weeks into Dec we will not make the deadline. Not that we can talk to anyone to get any answers, and we sit here wondering, what now? We see that finally we may get that extension of UI days, DAYS from when it needs to happen, but we will be kicked off a week or a couple days before Dec 26.

Does that kill our claim?

And while I am attempting to learn this process, having never used this in my lifetime, without anyone giving me info or the ability to ask questions and fucking educate myself, I am seeing three threads cheering Sanders and now AOC not voting to extend UI because they want the 12oo for all.

In two weeks millions, 12 million or so, so plural, millions of people will no longer have UI, a job or a possibility for a job, no fault of ours but the irresponsible handling from the Republicans and Trump, again no fault of mine, and I am reading here cheers AOC said she may vote against.

Am I wrong for seeing this as a pretty huge betrayal, right before Christmas, before our democratic party has even gotten in? I mean, we still haven't even voted Georgia senate and this feels like such a betrayal to me. How can/should I see this?

And if anyone knows anything about UI, I was going to start a thread here so we can get informed, cause really... We have no means. And the days Sanders or AOC fuck with this, the days before I will hear anything from my state officials who really want to help me. You know the actual Liberals in the Democratic Party. I a on all their sites and lucky to have Gov Brown and Sen Merkley. And City of Eugene and Mayor. Everyone is waiting to help me.

We are waiting on the bill Sanders and AOC, hearts palpitating, literally, in stress.

Happy Christmas all. I am seeing lots of lights. Not a lot of families so we really are putting up the outside show. Our community seems to really be getting in to waking the neighborhoods all bundled up, cheering the lights. About all we have.

I cannot get to sleep, wee hours of the morning considering if I will continue to tread water, or

sink and drown.

That is where some of us in this nation sit, millions and not cause we have done anything, particularly, besides getting old maybe. Or in hospitality industry.

I figure another 4 months possibly 6 and the terrain will look different. I can re-access and see the direction I need/can go. But, that is then, this is now.

Over the last 9 months I have stayed inside, not had family/friends visit, followed the rules because I cannot afford to get covid if it gets to the point of care, I am alone so there is that with no help, I do not want to get it. I have cut every cost I can to the bare minimum to be able to do that. I stopped smoking, drinking and I have not gotten a single fast food or restaurant, not even a coffee since May. I rarely buy meat but if it is 30% off, and keep my grocery bill down. Everything to the point of saving aluminum foil.

Pins and needles, babe, pins and needles of 3 months Pelosi fighting for me. Almost exclusively. AOC and a few other Democratic congress people have spoken out. Thanks Porter. Warren. But Pelosi is unique in the efforts as she has regularly updated me, and pushed and pushed and pushed. She hasn't stopped. So, all of this with three plans, she is the one I trust.

Mnachun and his bullshit plan that gives everyone 600, in place of extending UI. And I literally read people saying, see? Made him blink, we win. Wtf?

Self proclaimed leader Sanders with 6 others, my senator Merkley included. 1200, strike the co liability and I do not know his position on UI. Or nothing? (He said he would not vote for Pelosi's if it hits the floor, then comes out with his dream of a plan, last minute mucking things up and stopping Pelosi momentum, that Pelosi has been advocating for 6 months and now at the deadline, she is trying to save .... me.)

Or Pelosi and more conservatives normal Republican extend UI/300 until end of March, work on the liability some to have holes, give to states, hosp for care.

Pelosi was just about there Sunday and Monday Sanders jumps out and says not voting, Tuesday comes out with this plan, and Tuesday afternoon and today we have Mnunchin and now Mitchell saying, my plan. There is now fuckin four. One plan is not happening.. Just fact. Two are screwing people, states and hosp while getting the liability thing. This was not a tough one, and we were almost there so some of us are going to be angry. I know that offends and I do humbly apologize for being so desperate right now, I just am that desperate to be angry.

But, this too will come to an end. I figure another week and I will know if I tread, or sink. No buoys, no lifeguards and an heavy undertow. Oh, in an hurricane storm on the surface of covid/holidays/winter.

Have I told every one Happy Christmas, and a Merry New Year?

Pondering here. Tired. I can't go to sleep at night.

And, I can stay at home, in a warm house, with food in the fridge, and money in the bank (meager life savings but money none the less). In beautiful country. What is in 6 months. Even if I sink, I can hold my breathe for 6 months. So, all is good.

This is Orgon. If anyone can explain this, I would appreciate. I run out of money just before Dec 26 and that will kick me off, but if they can get it done in a week then I will like have money added to extend? Any thoughts about where so many of us are right now. I know we will know but I got a note from Oregon UI telling me some may be kicked off Dec 13. I have never done UI and I cannot talk to an official person, they do not answer there phone, or i cannot get thru. Thanks.

How much time and money do I have left in my claim?

Your weekly benefit amount is: $ 294 Program: PEUC
Your remaining balance is: $ 588
The balance above shows the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) benefits potentially payable on your claim.

Your claim expires: 03/20/2021
Extensions are additional benefits payable only when you do not qualify for regular unemployment insurance benefits in this state, any other state or Canada. If you do qualify, you will be required to file a new claim, even if you have a balance remaining on your extension. When your claim expires, you may file a new initial claim. File a new claim.

The PEUC extension program allows for up to 13 weeks of additional benefits on your most recent claim. It is at the same weekly rate as your regular claim. The last week payable under the PEUC program is the week ending December 26, 2020.

If you exhaust your PEUC benefits, please visit our website for information regarding possible additional benefits.

We need the Dec 26 deadline stimulus and all we need is a couple months to make it past this.

I cannot believe that we are this close to being cut off, when we know it will look totally different by April, and we jut need help for a couple months.

We have Sanders whining he will not vote for the stimulus as is if it hits the floor and it is a simple measure to get MILLIONS of people to April. I am getting very angry. As I read once again, being schooled by Biden administration they are going to work with conservatives, as I am being hung to dry, and I need only a couple more months to survive, after 9 months of dealing responsibly.

There is NO WAY I Kumbaya with rw, at all, not happening and this means my Republican family and friends. And Sanders, vote for whatever damn bill gets on the floor so millions can make it to April.

Pelosi, Schumer Back Using Bipartisan Plan in Stimulus Talks

President-elect Joe Biden said the $908 billion bipartisan proposal “wouldn’t be the answer but it would be immediate help.” Speaking at an event in Delaware, he said whatever Congress passes would only be a “down payment” on what he’ll be proposing once he takes office on Jan. 20.


Under that bipartisan proposal, small businesses would get a roughly $300 billion infusion for a version of the Paycheck Protection Program of forgivable loans and other aid, and state and local governments would get about $240 billion, including money for schools, according to three people familiar with the proposal.

An additional $180 billion would go to an extension of pandemic unemployment benefits, providing an added $300-a-week for four months.

The proposal doesn’t include direct payments to individuals.

“The bill that has been worked on between Republicans and Democrats has the best shot of actually passing,” said Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney, who was one of the nine senators in the bipartisan group making the proposal. “There are message bills and then there are bills that can pass, and we have to have Democratic votes to get a bill through the Senate.”


So people saying, why call it, no hurry, doesn't matter. Relief across the nation and around the

world. Joyous celebration. 360 pounds lighter.

It matters.

I have people from all over throwing messages on my FB wall, that couldn't believe the win and sat in stress for the last four days, telling me you were right. Anyone could have seen it but many people did not trust, until the election was called.

And a big sigh of conclusion was handed to us this morning, and we can FINALLY go on with our day.

Ultimate in gaslighting, oddest of ways. Pretend that there is still question about this election.

This is Biden's motorcade. It is a Presidential motorcade. He is being briefed at the level of President. Yesterday evening they beefed up his security at the level of a President. They cleared the airspace around his house as they do with the President.

Every person that knows anything knows Biden has won GA, AZ, NV and Penn.

Everyone knows Biden is the President elect.

What a charade and why? To appease trump and his supporters because their egos can't handle realty which is the hell we have been living for these last four years. And this is just more of it. Being told be patient, when there is obviously not a single reason, but to coddle Trump.


So if we have Georgia, does that make President Biden even without the others? Az, Wi, Mi, Ga. Does

that put him over the top? Not waiting for NV. And anythi9ng after is cherry on top?

Glass half full, so, I am really bummed about the senate, I am concerned about health care,

while old and a pandemic and Biden getting anything done and judges appointed with a Republican senate. The upside, a Biden win gets Trump out and we do not have to hear that vile, disgusting, crude, mean, nasty voice again.

That is a good thing.

But this morning my son called and needed to rant so while walking my dog, with him on speaker we ranted about the nazi rw vote, and vile Trump as I passed old person after old person, without a care in the world that they heard our castration of Republicans. The conversation did both of us good.

Toward the end of the conversation I concluded that Biden goes in and does executive order after executive order undoing Trump damage and beefing up our departments that have been weakened and hurt for two years. 2022 we have more chances with the republicans in senate and blue wave them, then Biden spend two more years passing legislation.

Not the blue wave we wanted today, but they threw every corrupt, dishonest, oppression/suppression action against our vote at us and I think we will still get Trump out. That is a win.

I am at the point of accepting, and stating we will be ok. The 5 stages. I can wait two years not getting sick.

How does that sound?

But we needed the senate. Really needed the senate. What does the number sit at now?

Anyone knows? I am so disappointed Graham, Ernst got it and looking like Collins. We got Kelly. Co. dude, that is two. So that takes us to 49/51? Not good. We lose healthcare at that.
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