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Member since: Sat Feb 22, 2020, 12:55 PM
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FOX viewers know it is BS. And they know that we know that they know it is BS.

It's never been about following the evidence or maximizing the number of true things they believe or minimizing the number of false things they believe. It's about circling the wagons around their shared conservative interests and fighting off the relentless liberal hordes. The end justifies the means in their view. Nothing lasting will come out of this lawsuit. It will linger around them like a greasy fart for a time and then dissipate.


My introduction to the Alien franchise came via the novelization by Alan Dean Foster which I snagged for a dollar in a garage sale. When I eventually saw the Ridley Scott 1979 movie, I was not disappointed. Alien created the science fiction horror genre, and I was hooked from the start.

Alien II replaced the psychological horror with action, but it was well-done and applaudable and memorable.

The other sequels were entirely forgettable.

The prequels Prometheus and Covenant were a hot mess in my opinion.

So, Romulus is a thing. Can this franchise be saved?

It is difficult to predict the future of FSD

I am a software engineer by trade and believe FSD (full self-driving) vehicles will be able to achieve fewer accidents on average than human drivers, if they are not already there. Computer systems paired with radar and cameras can offer unfailing attentiveness unfettered by distractions and other impairments.

But they will wreck, and the question remains as to how exactly they will wreck.

The biggest problem with AI is that it is essentially a very good guesser. So, it can guess at difficult problems correctly the majority of the time but then fail spectacularly at "simple" problems. One example of this was a Jeopardy question posed to the supercomputer Watson: "This trusted friend is the first non-dairy powdered creamer." The answer: "What is milk?". Watson's artificial brain cannot conceptualize milk nearly as well as a small rodent with an organic brain.

So, what is the FSD equivalent of this deeply architectural weakness? Will FSD vehicles erratically turn the wrong way on driving circles? Will they swerve to avoid a cardboard box only to careen into a stopped school bus? It will only take a few of these sensational headlines to erode confidence in the technology, regardless of the overall safety record.

"Cocaine Bear" hits theaters on February 24th

Cocaine Bear is an upcoming American action-comedy film directed and co-produced by Elizabeth Banks.

Has she lost her mind?

I guess she's going for the "so bad it's good" genre. Trying to manufacture such a thing seems problematic to me. They admittedly pulled it off with Sharknado, but mostly those happen by accident.

Pizza Hut Big New Yorker

I ordered one of these today. It isn't like a regular signature pizza, you have to specify which toppings you want. I asked for just pepperoni, and the total came to $15.25. It is definitely larger than the usual large size. I give it my recommendation.
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