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Member since: Sat Feb 22, 2020, 11:55 AM
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There's one problem that the United States doesn't have

The United States has a lot of problems, but there's one problem that we don't have. You never hear the term "crumbling church infrastructure" used in a serious context here. Back when I lived in North Carolina, I was bored one morning and counted the number of churches and schools on my 13-mile commute. There were thirteen churches and one school, so that's a church every mile. It seems like we have really prioritized the construction and maintenance of churches in that area. So, I think we're good in that regard. We got this.

I do have to wonder though, are we perhaps diverting TOO many resources to this special interest? What if we could divert just a little of that massive pre-tax revenue stream to the schools? Roads? Bridges? Renewable energy? Would a shift towards prioritization of the natural world over the supernatural represent a better overall tradeoff for society?

The Three G's: God, Guns, and less Gov't

The Republican Party seems to attract most of the single-issue voters. The big-ticket single-issue voter issues mostly fall under the Three G's.

Democratic voters generally hold a more balanced worldview and weight the issues proportionally. Say what you will about the single-issue simpletons, they are a reliable electorate engine for the MAGA machine requiring very little in the way of maintenance.

The fall of Roe may create an uprising of single-issue voters on the left, but perhaps that is being optimistic?

The meaning of the fistbump has evolved

Pre-COVID-19: You my bro, man!

Post-COVID-19: Nice to meet you. I respect your health and well-being.

This interpretation is possible even when interacting with a Saudi crown prince. Give Biden the benefit of the doubt, NBC.

The Big Lie is theater for the poorly educated

I think the MSM has failed to characterize what the Big Lie is. CNN has referred to it as a huge fraud, larger than Watergate even. That's not really it though. It's theater for the poorly educated and easily amused Trump voters. True frauds aren't generally committed so brazenly in full daylight. Educated Trump voters see it for what it is: a strategy to herd the useful idiots. The fact that it enrages the left is just icing on the cake. But the true goal is to circle the wagons using this rag-tag consortium, fight the liberals, and secure votes and judicial seats and everybody's special interests.

The trouble with the poorly educated is that they are richly armed.

House 12-Step Formula

So, I'm watching House and have made it to Season 5. I have to say the show is, uh, a bit formulaic. Here's the tried-and-true House 12-Step Formula:

1) Rando #1 appears to suffer from a medical condition
2) (variation) Rando #2 collapses nearby and is actually the one with the mysterious condition
3) House pops Vicodin like Pez and is unfazed by symptoms
4) Differential diagnosis meeting fails to produce correct diagnosis
5) (variation) Team members try unsuccessfully to hide personal relationships from House
6) House sexually harasses female members of team
7) (variation) House sexually harasses female supervisor
8) Team unlawfully searches patient's home and applies incorrect treatment to patient
9) Patient appears to improve, then spews blood
10) House has an epiphany about medical mystery entirely on his own from unrelated event
11) House introduces himself to patient in a sardonic way
12) Patient is successfully treated and makes a miraculous full recovery

Feel free to adapt this formula into a drinking game.

Who likes making up new words in WORDLE?

If you don't, you are an ILEOD.

Also, the DU spell check dictionary is full of SHOOP.
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