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Member since: Sat Feb 22, 2020, 11:55 AM
Number of posts: 5,114

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Gah! Another anti-mask pseudo-scientific argument

So I was chatting with a conservative family member today and he informs me that wearing masks in places like supermarkets suppresses repeated mild exposure to the virus which would slowly and safely inoculate the public. This is basically a spin on herd immunity that I hadn't heard before.

I concede that acquired immunity is a real thing and will likely play a role in the future. However, I'm not aware of any science that suggests you can safely inoculate through a limited exposure to the virus, even in a lab environment. So the "science" is bogus if it somehow leads to the conclusion that this is in any way good public policy.

My real question is where is this coming from? Is it a Limbaugh-ism? I haven't watched Carlson or Hannity in a few weeks, are they spewing this now? Good grief.

CNN is stirring up the crazies

CNN's reporters are getting jeered at for wearing masks in the Myrtle Beach area.

This is not a good trend and appears to be more prevalent in the red states (surprise surprise).

Trump can't take all the blame for this. The MSM is making a thing out of Trump's lack of wearing a mask and there may be some partisan/anti-MSM blowback going on.

I live in this red state and don't need this action. Please stop it CNN.

Trump claimed the electoral system was rigged in 2016

As we know, this was merely a repeated assertion fallacy with no substantive supporting evidence ever provided.

This was a form of deception designed to undermine the system. It's almost as bad as actually rigging it. As I see it, Trump is disqualified from being a champion for voting fairness.

Regardless, he's taking up the "cause" and campaigning hard against absentee voting in 2020.

Do Republicans not see this contradiction? Or is it another case where they look the other way as Trump harasses the Democrats on a liberal front?

CNN passive aggressive towards OANN

During the coronavirus briefing today, I heard a question from OANN and noticed that CNN did not pan to the reporter. The camera stayed focused on Trump the whole time.

If it was just the one time I could brush it off, but I've noticed this before.

I guess they don't want to be the booster rocket to Chanel Rion's rising star?

It may get uery confvsing for vs here on DV

Trump promised a V-shaped recovery for the stock market. Well, the ship has already sailed on that. The best we can hope for is a U, and may even end up with a W. So let's just assume it will be a U. Since we know Trump rewrites reality to match his past false narratives, that means the letters U and V will have to be swapped.

Thank yov for that, Trvmp!

South Carolina is opening tomorrow!

Alignment with federal task force guidelines: no
Working vaccine: no
Effective therapeutic treatments: no
Plausible plan based on rigorous epidemic modeling: no
Demonstrated precedent for plan elsewhere: no
Well-defined testing procedures: no
Adequate testing capacity: no
Proven negative correlation with seasonal weather: no
Adequate hospital ICU surge capacity: no
Cooperation with neighboring states: no
Overwhelming support of voluntary measures by residents: no
Availability of surgical masks to general public: no

Immunity to Satan's virus by being washed in the blood of Jesus: Amen!

I'm staying the F home. I'll sip on lattes and watch the apocalypse out my window and on TV.
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