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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2020, 05:07 PM
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Rant: States that need their drivers to take remedial classes.

I am going to pick on two states. For the citizens of these states, who do not resemble these remarks, I will apologize in advance, even if I don't really mean it.

I frequently drive in Interstate 10, (La to Jacksonville, Fl.) The bible belt freeway. I have a problem with two State's drivers. For Georgia drivers I will ask, "Is it illegal to use turn signals in Georgia, or is it just none of my damn business where you are going?" I don't recall a Georgia driver ever using a turn signal, I don't know why they even have them...Off the interstate, you can wait and wait and wait in heavy traffic for a chance to turn right at an intersection. Your only chance of going is if someone is turning right from the opposite direction. Georgia drivers, will not give you a break and put on their signals, for any reason, so they turn and rob you of your chance to go.

Texans. The fast lane of the interstate is for passing! There are Texans that will drive in the fast lane from Dallas to Tallahassee without once leaving, for any reason. Normally they drive at 70 MPH in that lane, unless they are driving a King Ranch truck, in which case it is 65 MPH, or, if they are pulling a horse trailer, it is 55 MPH. They are either unaware or don't give a rat's ass that the traffic is bottled up for six miles behind them and the aggressive drivers are going ballistic, endangering everyone. They just sit there fat, dumb and happy. Dammit son, the right lanes work too!

I am a reasonably patient man, even if it doesn't seem like it. I would not be complaining if these were isolated instances, but they are not, these drivers are habitual offenders. I always wonder it they too get pissed when others do the same thing, or are they too damn unobservant to even notice?

If there are others that need calling out, please share, so that I can avoid the states.

You can't always get what you want, or be careful what you wish for.

I have been thinking about what happens if we get our wish. Trump is arrested, he goes through the regular booking with the nice photo and everything. We rejoice in the streets. The trial is long and the evidence is clear and overwhelming, it is obvious to the world what a crooked SOB the man and his entire circle are...and then it goes to a jury.

An annulment, and acquittal.

The witch hunt, the persecution, the unwarranted attacks on an innocent man stories crescendo. Trump parades his innocence around the nation, wanting revenge and a return to power on a new level. What would that mean for our future?

Why Trump will never be locked up.

The American Oligarchs, the famous, the rich, and the powerful can not allow Trump to be jailed. As the justice system stands now, they are basically immune from laws that govern the rest of us. If Trump, the former President, can go to jail for crimes committed, that that means that they are also in jeopardy of the people's justice. They can never allow that to happen. Trump has know that all along, thus his statement about shooting someone on 5th Ave. The rest of the wealthy know the same thing, they are just too polite to say it in public.

We are getting all of this "feel good" news about poor old Trump's legal problems. He will never face a problem that he can not pay his way out of. If he can't afford to buy his way out of trouble, someone else will as a matter of self preservation. This country is all pay to pay. People get all the justice that they can afford. It is our system. It will remain our system as long as elections are bought and sold by big money.

Putin is a damn genius!

WWIII may be about to begin, and we are busy talking about Donald Trump's bathroom habits. Sir Basil Liddell-Hart referred to this as "The art of the indirect approach." And some people don't think that Donald is the tool of the Russians...
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