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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2020, 05:07 PM
Number of posts: 6,942

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I am beginning to feel the love around here.

Thank you to all the kind folks who have shared a heart with me. You touch an old man's heart.

The whole trial could be summed up with the answer to one question.

Would the insurrection have happened if Trump had not claimed that the election was stolen. If the answer is no, then Trump is guilty.

The legacy of Trump continuing the big lie, will be that it provide a focal point for anarchists, posing as patriots. Trump continues to place the country and the citizens in danger from terrorists.

If I ever get in trouble, I want Jamie Raskin to represent me.

He is cool as a cucumber and smart as hell! In fact, the entire House team have just blown the defense lawyers out of the water. I think that they have done a heck of a job of presenting the case. Makes me proud!

Every House member who stepped up to the podium, hit the ball out of the park. That is a fine bunch of Democrats to take us into the future. There is hope!

Trump's team know the trial can't be about the actual crime

So the proceeding must be flawed from a technical standpoint. OK, I get that.

I loved how the last lawyer was able to transition from claiming the the Constitution was written in plain language that any citizen could understand, then went with a long and technical explanation of what it said.

I think we should take both paths that Trump's team offered, impeachment then a criminal trial. Double your pleasure, double your fun....

I was randomly hearted!

Thank you! My wife says I needed one.

Proud Boy Hilarity.

Ok, I want you folks to imagine this scene:

A bunch of Hoover building and Langley boys, knocking down a few tall-boys at the local watering hole. BS abounds as alcohol consumption increases. The subject of the Proud Boys comes up. One of the guys offers a bet. He says, "The Proud Boy bunch are so damn dumb that I bet any takers that we can insert a Black/Hispanic informer into their ranks and have him rapidly advanced to a senior leadership position."

I suspect some agent is drinking free beer for some time to come.

We think that the Republicans may have learned something this year? Oh, Hell no.


I probably won't be communicating with you little people much longer....

I just got my Publisher's Clearing House, "final drawing" form to fill out. I am reasonably sure I will win. The odds, in small print, on the form say that my odds of winning are 1 in 6,200,000,000. (yep, 6.2 billion)

Basically, they are putting the names of nearly every person in the planet (give or take a billion) and drawing one name. My chances of winning a Powerball is 1 in 95,000,000! (if I bought a ticket)

I am ordering a dozen magazine subscriptions today to improve my chance. They say it doesn't improve your chance, but I know better. They won't give it to someone who doesn't buy......

I'm gonna be rich! $5.000 dollars a week forever!

More seditious behavior from Trump

Hopefully, with a couple of weeks extra to dig, facts from this story can be presented in the Senate trial. I certainly think that it could be argued at least as supporting evidence.


I hope that they could not afford to buy the ticket

For the billion dollar lottery winner. I could use an instant billion dollar windfall. I could pay off all of my bills and have pocket change left over.
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