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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2020, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 6,967

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Looking on eBay for a new wristwatch

I like this one because it comes with free shipping but my wife thinks the watch is a little tacky. I need some unbiased advice.

Had you been consulted, ahead of time, and knowing what you know now,

Where would you have selected being born? I may have chosen Scotland or maybe one of the countries North of Scotland.
I really think that I would have fit in better.

I am really ill with the people that I live around. Except for a few close friends and family, I live in Trump Heaven, and it is not what I would have chosen. Whenever I go out, I am surrounded by shit-for-brains right-wingers, ignorant and proud; and that includes most of the professional people too! 20 years ago, it was not so bad, but the people are now feeling their oats and are becoming more belligerent and intolerant by the day. The legacy of the Reagan-Trump express train, and too many years of Rush fucking Limbaugh and right-wing Christian preaching. They have all of the answers even if they don't understand the questions.

I guess fate has chosen for me, and it is too late in life to move now, and I love the land I am on, so I choose seclusion as far as possible.

I just watched an older James Bond movie, and I will be damned if he doesn't remind me of me.

Although, I have to admit, I am better looking.

(I am practicing to become a Republican)

The World's most sophisticated "prepper."

Old Jeffery needs a place for "privacy" so he has a yacht built the size of a Navy Destroyer Escort. (actually I exaggerate, it is 17 feet shorter than the ship I served on.) It takes a crew of 60 to operate. I bet it will have better bunks, a better galley, and he won't have to stand the dog watch or swab the decks..... Privacy is simpler for me, I just close the bedroom door.

We really know that the purpose of the explosion of the sales of super yachts is that they rich want a way to get away from the zombie apocalypse when the breakdown of law and order hits close to home. Just pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag and smile, smile, smile.

Of course a half billion dollar boat is necessary for the world's richest man. The 50 million dollar annual expense of operating the thing is chump change for a man who made 17 billion dollars in one day in 2020. He probably has a lair hidden deep within a dormant Japanese volcano, complete with retractable roof and a goon squad of hundreds to man security for it.


These rallies must be much like professional wrestling

Same actors, same audience:


The cure is much worse than the disease, DeSantis signs anti-riot legislation


This amounts to open season on protestors if someone suddenly declares the protest a riot. Hitler would be proud of this new law. The effect of this new law is to take the castle doctrine out of the castle and into the market place. It is an invitation to vigilantism. DeInsaneist is trying to prove his Fascist credentials to be the Republican nominee for President. He is hoping for blood in the streets. This nifty piece of legislation was timed to correspond with the end of the Chauvin trial.

My advice to you folks is show how you feel about DeSantis' governing by keeping your tourist dollars out of the state; that is the only thing the Republicans will understand.

Did you folks know that Al Gore, and the Democrats were responsible for the Texas weather debacle?

I just read, over on the gun forum a thread titled. Democrats Turn Thumb Screws to Make Us Suffer. I was tempted to post a link to the story, but it would be skirting close to this forum's rules.

I am just so flabbergasted as to how, in the Reddest of Red States, where Republicans have ruled for decades, that Texas Utilities, isolating themselves from the national grids, cutting corners on winterizing their plants for the sake of short term profits, could be the fault of Democrats.

I do not think that there is any "Bridge Too Far" in the abilities of right-wingers to accept lies.

Moderna round II is in the arm!

25 minutes from roll up to drive off! My County Health Dept. is on my good list.

Looking forward to going out to eat again in three weeks.

I got the call! Moderna dose II on Friday!

My wife and I couldn't be more pleased. Our small, poor county, came through!

Happy VD everyone!

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