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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2020, 05:07 PM
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We think that the Republicans may have learned something this year? Oh, Hell no.


I probably won't be communicating with you little people much longer....

I just got my Publisher's Clearing House, "final drawing" form to fill out. I am reasonably sure I will win. The odds, in small print, on the form say that my odds of winning are 1 in 6,200,000,000. (yep, 6.2 billion)

Basically, they are putting the names of nearly every person in the planet (give or take a billion) and drawing one name. My chances of winning a Powerball is 1 in 95,000,000! (if I bought a ticket)

I am ordering a dozen magazine subscriptions today to improve my chance. They say it doesn't improve your chance, but I know better. They won't give it to someone who doesn't buy......

I'm gonna be rich! $5.000 dollars a week forever!

More seditious behavior from Trump

Hopefully, with a couple of weeks extra to dig, facts from this story can be presented in the Senate trial. I certainly think that it could be argued at least as supporting evidence.


I hope that they could not afford to buy the ticket

For the billion dollar lottery winner. I could use an instant billion dollar windfall. I could pay off all of my bills and have pocket change left over.

What the hard right is willing to fight for

The hard-core right has the perverted notion that in a country of 328,000,000 people that every individual can set his own rules, regardless of the needs or desires of others. It is a matter of social greed. A case of it is my world, and you are here because I allow it.If you disagree with me then you have no value. Their vision of Democracy is chaos, in fact they openly state that Democracy is mob rule. They read the Constitution through a drinking straw, ignoring the phrase that came before or after their pet line. They believe that it is right, Constitutional and patriotic to tear down the Constitution while at the same time, declaring that their rights and duties to do so come from the same document.

Theirs is a world of I, me, mine writ large. It is not a matter of your rights end where my nose begins, it is that my sphere of influence is limitless. You can't tell me what to do, but it is my full right to control what you do. What they do not realize is that their path is circular, that if they were able to attain their immediate goals, of a hard right society, with an all powerful daddy figure in charge and all of the "Socialists" and other undesirables, contained or eliminated, the chaos would not end, for they would then begin to make war on each other for the exact same same reasons.

These people are doing everything within their power to institute chaos. They visualize the condition of a world with no rules where every man gains his power by his ability to dominate others. The see a bloody civil war as a positive; a chance, in a world where they feel ignored and emasculated, to become heroes. If they ever gain real power, there will be no limits to their cruelty.

These people are dangerous to civilized society, and they are self replicating. When they break the laws, they can not be allowed to get away with it, because it further emboldens them and supports recruitment. We must reign them in while we are still able. Their motto is "we have the guns" and they are right, they do. The only thing that they lack is a charismatic leader, and there are plenty of them vying for the job; some of them in high elected office.

The German people fell into the grasp of the Nazis because no one had the desire to stand up to them when they were weak. They tried to ignore the Fascists. We are not so special that we are immune from the same failing and the same final results. We must get a handle on the insurrectionist, we must make an example of the leaders that is so unpalatable that they will want to crawl back under the rocks that spawned them while there is still a chance to do so. The longer we delay, the harder the chore.

My wife and I got our Moderna shot today.

It was quick and it would have been painless had I not asked the nice young lady if I was getting the Microsoft Chip or the Apple Chip.
I also expressed a concern that the chip might hang up in my heart stent.....My wife said her shot was painless.....

The process was very efficient. From the time we arrived at the facility to the time we drove away was one hour, and half of that was the required waiting period to make sure we wouldn't have an adverse reaction. We never left our car. They tell us that they will notify us in three weeks for round II.

I am very happy to have gotten that first step behind me.

Florida state representative, Anthony Sabatini, wants to name a 500 mile highway for Trump

U.S. Highway 27 runs from Miami the length of the state. Sabatini declared that Trump must have some monument in Florida because he was Florida's first president. His first error is Trump may live in Florida, but he is a New Yorker.....I would support his efforts if we renamed U.S. 27 the Sedition Trail. I certainly hope the State gives it some time before they replace all of the highway signs. It would be just the thing these frumps would do only to have to re-do them after Trump is convicted of multiple felonies. Then again, perhaps Sabatini an DeSantis own a sign company.....

Don't these assholes realize he is gone, and the ass kissing can stop?

Invitation to a sticking!

The county called and said my wife and I can come get our vaccination tomorrow. They are doing it as a drive by, and they said it has only been taking from 30 to 45 minutes, including the 15 minutes for observation. I am so glad because my wife is an insulin dependent diabetic and if we contracted the virus, it would mean her chances of survival would not be good.

This year is beginning to shape up.

Just slip out the back, Jack.

The old boy couldn't summon the courage to do the right thing, so he skittered off like a bug when the lights came on. It showed that old bone spur is even a bigger coward than I thought. He did not have the self confidence to share a stage with real presidents. He could not accept the fact that the people rejected him, the Almighty Donald J. Trump.

His departure was a pathetic ending to a sorry excuse for a leader. If he had been a bigger man I would have pitied him for the loneliness of his exit from the world stage. Instead I was just disgusted with the the whole thing and glad to see his plane go wheels up with the broken man and his greasy little family.

I simply cannot summon any charity for the pain that his ego is certainly suffering tonight.

What will Trump's parting gift be to the American people?

He has had too much time on his hands, while sitting on them, since the election. You know he will want to strike out as hard as possible. It is who he is. I don't think that the pardons, no matter how distasteful to the country, will be enough to satisfy his lust for vengeance. Hopefully the bombshell, whatever it is, will not involve actual bombs....

Perhaps he should not be allowed to leave the city until after the inauguration ceremony. Even Marine 1 breaks down from time to time
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