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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2020, 05:07 PM
Number of posts: 15,199

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The secret to a good life:

Love and a slow cooker. That is it. Now you know.

Sick of the budget theater

The tightwad Republicans are using the $2,000.00 proposal to keep from having to send the $600.00 checks. Unemployment ending, evictions starting and dying continuing. Oh but it has been a White Christmas for Republicans.

So the relief bill is 5.000 pages.

I am confident that all of that will be going to the needy......Somebody better read the damn thing, hidden in there may be a paragraph making Trump president for life and banning Democrats from holding office....

I just listened to the CBS Evening news (as I have done for most of my life)

I was so pleased to not hear about electoral drama. I don't think that they had a single politics story, although I was somewhat distracted playing with my dog and only had one eye on the screen....

In any case, to my East Coast neighbors, good luck with that storm. It looks like a frozen hell to us Floridians. It is probably a good night to snuggle

Rudolph the leaky lawyer


When Trump heard the results of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling

He lamented about his latest justice pick, all evening, this was looping through the White House PA system.

Trump's next gambit to save the election

Trump will declare that "Since I am the President of the United States, I am also the President of the Supreme Court, therefore, I order the Supreme Court to recognize my massive, beautiful, victory over Joe Biden and Nasty Kamala Harris."

I hate to be saying goodbye to Chuck Yeager

As an adolescent, he was one of my top-notch heroes. He was the kind of tough, smart, cool guy a lot of us boys wanted to be. Yea, we wanted to be knuckle draggers, after, at an earlier age, we wanted to be cowboys.....In his honor, I am going to have to pull out and dust off his book, I could use a little, Flying and drinking, drinking and driving, driving and screwing. What better hero could a boy have?

One of the most accomplished flyers in the history of aviation. And the Greatest Generation continues to rush into history.

Goodbye Chuck Yeager, Fly in peace!

Happy Safe Harbor Day!

The odds of a bloodless coup goes way down after today. Of course Mo is promising a Hail Mary, but without Larry and Curly, he is fighting a lost cause.

Another loss for Trump. He lost the hearts and minds before the election, he lost the votes on election day, he lost in the courts over and over, and today he has a loss on the calendar. It would have been less painful for him to have conceded a month ago.

Could any of you have imagined, four years ago

That our nation could possibly have had the drama over a national election the likes of which we are experiencing? I have to admit, I was na´ve as hell about the state and strength of our Democracy. I could not have dreamed that any President, even a Trump, could have pulled such a tantrum and been supported by the United States Senate and a substantial proportion of the population.

I thought we had seen the worst with the Florida fiasco of 2000. Boy was I wrong.

A dictator wannabe sitting at the head of the United States government, with the blessings and support of tens of millions of Americans. Who woulda though it?
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