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Lord Ludd

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Member since: Sun Feb 9, 2020, 09:31 PM
Number of posts: 585

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Covid vaccines given to us by god

Sorry, can't provide a link*, but early today I skimmed over a headline stating that some believe the vaccines were provided to us by The Big Guy.

The question this begs is so obvious that I won't even put it in writing. Just wanted to add one more item to the Theist Faulty Logic List.

*Tried several Google search strings, no luck.

A graffito I saw in Vietnam aptly describes The Former Guy

Hadn't thought of this 'til now. After Tet '68 the army transferred me to the sprawling former marine base way up north in Phu Bai. (The marines were shipping out to attempt to break the siege of Khe Sanh.) Scrawled in tiny letters near the base of the mess hall's back wall was this memorable graffito: "USMC -- 192 years of Death, Destruction, and Boundless Stupidity."*

Replace 'USMC' with 'Trump' & '192 years' with '4 years', & you're up-to-date. (Actually, the last 4 years felt like 192 years.)

*Does not necessarily reflect poster's opinion.
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