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Lord Ludd

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Member since: Sun Feb 9, 2020, 10:31 PM
Number of posts: 585

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A scene I'd like to see

Bruce Castor spends the opening moments of his next Senate appearance trying to rationalize his previous ramblings, whereupon Trump suddenly bursts in out of nowhere & starts pummeling Castor the way he pummeled Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania. Only this time Trump won't be faking.

I have no expertise in manipulating video, so just imagine Castor's face in place of McMahon's. (Heck, their suits are identical!)

Cue @ 0:23

The education of a conservative

I know this is not an original idea, but its implementation has increased in recent weeks & months to a point I didn't think possible. (Although I should have realized that when it comes to the GOP, there is no bottom to which they can't descend.)

The idea (if I may frame it fancifully) is this: When first-term Republicans enter the House & Senate, they are given classroom instruction & study materials (with yearly refreshers) in these disciplines:

Lying With a Straight Face
Dealing With Cognitive Dissonance
Changing the Subject
Obfuscation (aka Throwing Sand in Their Face)
Word Salad
Conspiracy Theory
Whataboutism (definitely not to be confused with Wahhabism)

That's just for starters. Additions welcome.

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