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Lord Ludd

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Member since: Sun Feb 9, 2020, 10:31 PM
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For all his lies & failures of omission & commission (too many to recount; not the purpose of this post), George W. Bush handled the transition to the Obama administration in the same smooth, time-honored manner as his father (who had been defeated) & all his predecessors (as far as I'm aware). To be sure, W. presided over a failed presidency (and how!), but he doesn't deserve to be called a disgraced former president.

Trump, by acting exactly in defeat as most (all?) DUers & others predicted -- & we're still in the early stages, oy -- has earned himself the adjective forever applied to so many politicians who resigned for criminal or ethical breaches: Disgraced.

If Anthony Weiner, e.g., will always be known as "disgraced ex-congressman Anthony Weiner," Donald Trump should suffer the same fate.

Will it happen? Not in the current boiling cauldron, but farther along, I believe history will regard 45 as "disgraced."

Considering his seething rage that's unlikely to subside for a looong time,

I don't think Trump's going to pardon anyone (besides himself, which will fail) before leaving office, whenever that might occur between now & Jan. 20. Not even the 2 Thanksgiving turkeys.

I doubt that Joe Biden will become the 46th POTUS

That's because Trump will resign, making Pence #46.

Any thoughts on when the Great Abdication might occur? My guess is as soon as he's get his legal team assembled to do battle in Manhattan & other state venues.
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