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Member since: Sat Jan 25, 2020, 08:54 PM
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The non orgasm causing cancer thing bothered me so I called my grandma.

I'm a 33 year old male in Traverse City MI. I never heard of such a thing of not having sex causing cancer so I called my grandma who is just a year older than Bernie.

My grandma said it was a well known scare tactic dirty old men would use to get young girls just out of puberty to have sex. She said they would say, " your mom's advice of chastity is hurting your health, you're going to get cancer if you don't put out."

She said it's not based on any science of any sort. It was just a scare tactic dirty old men would use.

We're screwed if that's true.

"A woman enjoys intercourse with her man -- as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously."

Women in suburbs will care less about Bernie's explanation for this. Get ready for Trump to re-enact this stuff at his rallies.


I can't vote to abolish the CIA. No way.

The CIA keeps us safe. Does it need reform? Sure.. This is making Putin very happy. This is a losing issue across all Americans. Does Bernie want to lose the election?


Why would the Sanders campaign tout pro Russian foreign policy AFTER Bernie knew?



I care about Ukraine

I wish someone would kick Putin's ass. Does that make me a neoliberal? People who care about global issues are neoliberal? I'm 33 years old so I haven't been in tune to politics as much as most here so I am trying to understand your codes.

I'm really worried. So worried my stomach is in knots

Bernie has the support to win the nomination but only because support is so divided among many candidates. He's not a strong favorite for democrats broadly. I'm from Traverse City MI. I don't know anyone who supports Bernie. I'm afraid voter turnout will be low if it's Bernie vs Trump. What I personally worry about most is Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Trump nominating more RW judges. I try to convince my peers and family to vote blue no matter who but it's looking like a hard sell. People tell me things like, "AOC says we don't belong in her party," she only talked about unity when it looked like Sanders could win." Or, "I don't think they want their revolution tainted with corporate neoliberal shills so if he is the nominee I'm sitting it out." That's what I hear from democrats my age, 33. What I hear from my older relatives is that he is a communist. When I try to explain democratic socialism to them, they come at me with, " Bernie only recently started calling it that. "He has a long history of supporting straight up communism." I see my older relatives sharing a youtube video of Bernie called. "Why Bernie Sanders' Communist Misadventures Still Matter." It's hard to convince them otherwise. With Bernie's campaign having a history of not supporting the party's nominee... It's going to be hard for them to sell Bernie to people who would otherwise vote blue no matter who. Make no mistake. I will vote and work for Bernie should he be the nominee, I want Trump out so bad. Here in Michigan, I don't see many others jumping to do the same. Heck! Trump's approval is going up! I absolutely know Bernie supporters do not see it this way but, I think they have blinders on. They love him so much they can't see anyone else not loving him. Bernie has strong support to be sure but not broadly among the most. HELP. What do we do?

Sanders once likened poor whites to blacks under Apartheid

Bernie Sanders once compared poor white Vermonters to black South Africans suffering under Apartheid. At other times, he likened the plight of some working people as well as imported foreign laborers to slavery.


Joe Biden says he refuses to bow to Vladimir Putin. "I will not."

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