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Member since: Sat Jan 25, 2020, 08:54 PM
Number of posts: 1,026

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Holy mackerel! This is an incredibly irresponsible thread.

Read this passive aggressive thread. This is disgusting and dangerous!


An excellent message to the Bernie or Bust crowd.


Is AOC distancing herself from Bernie because she is afraid of losing her election?

I know a couple of people who live in AOC's district who say she was bombarded with calls and e-mails from people in her distract for saying her and Joe Biden do not belong in the same party. I'm told they again voiced their concern of her endorsing Bernie while Bernie was aligning himself with Cenk and Joe Rogan. If she is distancing herself from Bernie is a dark blue district! Wow! Bernie is in more trouble than we know.

Here are some examples of her becoming more pragmatic.


Also here:


Here she is allegedly soothing Bernie supporters after his loss but does not mention his name once but does mention misogyny in women being able to get elected.? Was she for Warren or Bernie?


This is one of her opponents https://twitter.com/MCaruso_Cabrera/status/1238829596574973953

Why hasn't MSM called WA State for Biden?

This is really unfair the MSM not calling it for Biden. There's a real Biden media black out. We need to call them out.

Joe Biden takes the lead in Washington state.

Biden's wide lead in the second wave of ballots from King County is consistent with eventually winning by a fairly comfortable margin


It's about character and decency now. What will Bernie decide?

A big reason why he lost is Briahanna Joy, Sirota and Nina. They are a large part of why he lost.


Jill Biden looks so happy and so Beautiful.

Character and the soul of the nation is on the ballot.

The Sunrise Movement credibility. Are they hurting the cause?

Who are they? Where do t hey get their money and why would they give Joe Biden an F- on Climate? These falsehoods will only hurt the cause. They can't possibly care about climate change. They look like a phony group. Does anyone have info on them?

Biden rally in Detroit.

This is what America looks like.

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