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Member since: Sat Jan 25, 2020, 08:54 PM
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Bernie is proving what everyone has always said about him.

He's an ineffective senator who is all talk and bluster. He leaves the hard work to democrats to do alone and then criticizes them. Democratic senators are posting on their twitter that they promise to stay in DC until something gets done to help the people who are really hurting. Bernie is playing footsie with the squad... As if they have power. It's absolutely shameful.

Joe Biden popped into DNICE Instagram party tonight

So did Michelle Obama, Janet Jackson, Beyonce and others.


Dear Bernie, get off your podcast.

You have good ideas, the American people really need you right now. As a sitting senator you have a lot of power. Workers across America need your help rallying support from your colleagues for your ideas. Stop grandstanding on a pod cast! Now is the time to have your ideas come to fruition, even if it's temporary help for the people.

Bernie's campaign less than one hour ago.

Does this look like anything good is coming out of talks? Bernie is not dropping out anytime soon. In fact, it looks like they will ratchet UP the attacks not down.

To me, this looks like Bernie will not stop until he helps his favorite candidate win.


This is what Bernie's campaign is putting out even as he has no path.

What are his motives? You tell me.


Holy shit! Bernie may not win even ONE county in FL


Kamala Harris is working on her lift act bill as we speak.

She says she is working on tweaking a bill she wrote in 2018 in a way that would work for this crises. I don't think $500 is enough but it's better than what Bernie has put out which is ZERO.

He has no path, he could be helping with this crises in the Senate! why is it wrong to say that?


Let me tell you my experience with older voters

I live in Traverse city Michigan, my wife and I live with my mother who is 66 years old. It's her property and we take care of her and my grandmother who is still alive at 80. I take them to the local salon once a week so they can get their hair done. I get a window into what is on the minds of the ladies there who are all mostly around 65-80. They also hosts spades card game they play once a week. Anyway, They're both very social still.

They were so exited to vote for Biden here, I know they would risk their lives or walk through glass, as they say... to be able to vote. It's more than a pro Biden vote, it's also an anti Bernie vote. The hate they feel for him is visceral and it is a big motivator to vote. I don't think Bernie supporter have any idea that there is a large amount of older folks who feel this way. I'm sure there is a lot of Ohio voters disappointed they can't vote tomorrow. I remember how exited and ramped up my mom and her friends were here in MI.

On Climate Change Biden gives detail. Bernie does not.

Bernie Veered off to health care then brought himself back. Bernie says the Paris Climate accord doesn't matter. Joe says we are 15 % of the problem the rest is an issue of the world so yes the Paris accord matters. Biden has more detail than Bernie by far.

Bernie just said this "Ebola crisis" is exposing the dysfunctionality of our healthcare system

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