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Member since: Thu Jan 16, 2020, 02:06 PM
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Speaker Pelosi has done a tremendous job in the house

I am astonished at her ability to pass so many bills. Yes I know they go to the senate to die. But we always point out how close the senate is. The house is 220 to 211. You need 218 to pass most house bills. That means she’s got two vote leeway. That is not a lot. She’s amazing!!!!!

Sen. Patrick Leahy 'comfortably recovering' after hip replacement surgery

Good news. Really good news that they gave him a replacement instead of having him recover from the fall naturally. I think they have finally decided that replacement is the better option for all hip breaks. This should cut the recovery time down a lot. So glad that he is doing so well.


Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont is recovering at a Washington area hospital after surgery to replace a broken hip following a fall at his home, his office said Thursday evening.

The 82-year-old Democrat fell Wednesday night in McLean, Virginia, according to his office, which initially said the surgery was intended to “repair” his the hip. A subsequent statement said doctors decided to do “hip replacement surgery,” completed on Thursday afternoon.

Leahy and his wife, Marcelle, who were known to take long walks together on a daily basis before the fall, were “overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of support,” his office said in a statement following the surgery.

The senator's office added that he is expected to begin physical therapy “after sufficient healing.”

His office did not specify when Leahy is expected back on Capitol Hill. NBC News has reached out for comment.

The Senate is out of session until July 11.

Democrats hold the slimmest of margins in the evenly divided Senate. The absence of just one senator can sometimes delay a vote.
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