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Member since: Tue Dec 24, 2019, 09:47 AM
Number of posts: 649

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A current thread you might find interesting



My farewell to Music Appreciation


Sir Douglas Quintet

Not as much interest in this thread as I had hoped, but I’m gonna keep on chooglin’.

Here’s another of my faves. I played this one so much I wore out the grooves on the record.


Have you heard this version? Fronted by Charlie Harper

I like this even better than the Subs’


Can't really argue with that

The Sonics were a great band, and I love all of the titles you mentioned.

I’ve always felt that the first “punk” song (although they weren’t a “punk” band) was You Really Got Me. It’s been said of Billy Childish that he wanted to sound like The Kinks and he wanted all of his songs to sound like All Day and All of the Night (my favorite Kinks song). Back then the question was “Beatles or Stones?” My answer always was “The Kinks.”

ETA: I’m sure you’re well aware, but The Witch might be the most covered song in rock ‘n’ roll history!

Surfin' Bird x 2



This is my favorite Standells song...


Here ya go...


The Standells

The Standells recorded a lot of great music during their career, but this is their signature song...


Garage Bands

I love garage music. It’s singularly my favorite music. So, I thought it would be fun for us to post some of our faves of the genre over the years. The genre really exploded in the mid-‘60s, but there have been garage bands right down to the current day.

I have so many favorite garage songs, so I anticipate posting several of my faves if this thread catches on. Please feel free to do the same!

If we’re gonna post garage bands and their music, gotta start at the beginning...

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