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At what point can a group of citizens sue their government/ leaders for endangering their lives?

I just read several articles that said the WH Coronavirus task force has been advising the state of FL for weeks or longer that its Covid rate of infection trend line was unacceptably high AND that the state needed to take more active measures to control the spread. The state did nothing. The state refused to release the substance of the task force's advice for this period but it was discovered by others and reported.

Assuming this is all as bad as reported, at what point can families that lost loved ones recently and those infected recently sue the state/ governor for what is essentially dereliction of duty, wrongful death, pain, suffering, etc., etc.? I have to believe one of the paramount duties of government per the FL constitution is to protect health and safety. Had they no way to know of the danger, no reasonable courses of action as shown by other states/precedent, one could say it was unknowable what the result would be as bad as it is or why. But that is not the case. Just the opposite. I certainly hope DeSantis gets cashiered out like Scott Walker in WI was but this seems to need much more than simple electoral defeat to send a very needed message that there is a cost to governmental/official irresponsibility to those running the show.


Thanks to all that responded. Just read that the guy (an attorney) who has been wandering around crowded beaches and bars in FL dressed as the Grim Reaper, just filed suit against DeSantis for the poor Covid response according to an article in The Guardian. Will be interesting to see where it goes!
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