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Member since: Mon Dec 2, 2019, 09:27 AM
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Report or no and how. Pedophile.

Iím not sure how to go about this because I canít find any information online. I was in a relationship with a pedophile for 2 years, started when I was 17 and has caused me much trauma. Iím on the fence of whether I should report it now, I want to but Iím scared. I know how the law works sometimes, making the victim look bad. The only evidence I have would be a few pictures placing me at his house while I was underage, one of these pictures include alcohol. The other evidence I have is a diary, I used to religiously write in it, and of course it has dates and details. I know a diary probably isnít the best source but thatís all I have considering of course he didnít want to take pictures with me while I was underage, and also the phone I had used for the majority of when he and I were together was broken. He and I did keep in contact until beginning of this year, but it has just now hit me that yes; he was legitimately a pedophile, he manipulated me, emotionally abused me and at times would force myself into sexual acts. Please donít be rude, I have a very fragile state of mind at this point in time, I just need some help.
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