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DanieRains's Journal
DanieRains's Journal
March 29, 2022

It Seems Putin Attacked 42 Million Cossacks

And figured they would simply get scared and surrender.

Putin may be the dumbest person on Earth.

Even the Ukrainians who don't identify with being Cossacks act like Cossacks.

Russians = prepare to die....

March 28, 2022

What If Roosevelt Said Hitler Should Not Remain In Power

Everyone who is not a traitor would agree.

Putin is almost as bad, and doing many of the same things.

The Russians, Republicans, and Republican supporting media crybabies can all go to hell.

Putin is a bloodthirsty monster and should be removed by any means necessary.

Just say it, and facilitate it any/every way possible.

Push Vladimir's buttons with a sledgehammer.

Call it the Navalney Project.

March 27, 2022

Putin Needs To Go

If you disagree you belong in an asylum.

Putin is criminally insane, along with many others from Russia's history. I love history. Read a little about Russia's.

Maybe Russia could move beyond despots someday.

We can only hope while we defend democracies all we can, while one of our 2 political parties are on his payroll. We even had a White House Occupant on his payroll. Plus the NRA.

Reality is Reality.

The media can STFU. Putin was a butcher long before my president pointed it out. All butchers need to go regardless what it costs the 1% in profits.

March 27, 2022

The World's Billionaires Need To Keep President Biden In Check

So they can continue their pillaging of the planet, and not paying real taxes.

They need more billions, and Joe is getting in their way.

Russia's oligarchs aren't the only ones.

Addressing wealth disparity and climate change could cost them, and their media prostitutes push back daily against Joe and the Democrats.

Our press isn't free, it is bought and paid for.


March 26, 2022

Does Anyone Know If Tucker Is Helping Putin Target Women And Children?

Asking for 42 Million friends.

March 26, 2022

Putin Is Destroying Russia More Than Ukraine

Putin will be driven out one way or the other. Ukraine will rebuild.

The entire world, other than greed obsessed scum, will be boycotting Russia for generations.

I can't even say what I want done to Russia without being alerted.

Billions feel like me.

The sooner Putin leaves the less bad it will be for him and his sheep.

March 25, 2022

My Gawd Bob Woodward Is Truly An Idiot Morning Joe

After talking about treasonous Ginny Thomas for half an hour, and her efforts to end democracy...... he wants to complain about "the left".

Dear Stupid Pathetic Bob. You sat on a scoop about the Valerie Plame leaker so Bush could get re-elected. You pretend to be a journalist. You stopped being a journalist years ago.

You are a partisan crybaby Bob, complaining about "the left" because what? We don't want Hothouse Earth? We don't want untaxxed billionaires running our country with dark money, and a corrupt Supreme Court? We don't want police murdering unarmed citizens with zero consequences? 500 extinctions a day isn't enough? We want lifelong mobster TFG prosecuted for his numerous obvious felonies?

The most radical leftie I know may be me. I want the people in the Republican Party that committed crimes trying to turn America into a dictatorship prosecuted. You should too Bobbie Bootlicker. If you call yourself an American I mean.

Complaining about the left compared to Traitor Ginny Thomas.

You make me sick Bob.

March 24, 2022

It's Not Just TFG It's The Banks That Are Not Being Prosecuted

Underwriters and appraisers check my properties when I buy or re-finance. The banks know exactly what real estate is worth. They just play by different rules for TFG and his filthy friends.

I call it doing financial crimes.

Cap rate. PITI. Cashflow. Debt to income. They all matter to us little folks. The movers and shakers? Not so much.

Just look at how many banksters went to prison after the 2008 scam.

It's TFG and the banks, and the banksters are truly above the law.

The law only applies to the poor.

Try to vote? 7 years.

March 24, 2022

Recall Bragg Immediately

I don't know how but he is not doing his job.

Remove, recall, or fire.

Even if his replacement has to prosecute other rich tax cheats.

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