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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Has Melania Already Left? Orange One Will Be Broke Why Would She Stay?

Sure wouldn't be luvvv.

T****'s Lawyer Is Right - Rich Scum Like T***p Cheat All The Time On Taxes And Never Get Jail

"They" are going after his asshole client because he is T***p with criminal charges.

I guess the fact that he brags about not paying taxes may matter too.

The lawyer is right.

Wealthy tax cheats get fined when rarely caught, and get to keep their yachts, and multiple mansions.

Panama Papers


I Told A Customer Putin's Friends Were Living In Windows 7

The customer told me he already got a Christmas card from Putin.

Driving South On i5 And Heard A Loud Pop And Felt A Sweet Mist All Over My Back Side....

Was going about 70 MPH South through Lynnwood, and just wanted to get home, so I kept driving. Probably a Coke Zero can was pierced in the back seat.

Then another pop and more mist....


Pulled over to check it out. I had a half case of Coke Zero No Caffeine cans on my back seat. They were pushed out and pregnant, and still in the box. 2 had burst. I went to take the other ones from the box to put into the cooler with ice, and they were almost too hot to touch. I think the box was in the sun in the back seat all afternoon. They did fine until I drove off and disturbed them.

Put the rest of the pregnant cans on ice, and made it all the way to 145th Street where the sign said 3 lanes closed for emergency maintenance. Got off the freeway and went home in North Seattle without further explosions. I later found out at 130th the freeway expanded and the concrete literally crumbled on the freeway according to King 5.

Man it got kinda hot in Seattle yesterday.

Welcome to our new reality!

Hothouse Seattle.

Republicans Extremely Upset Biden Won't Help 1% Steal Everything Working Americans Own

And simply give it all to the insanely rich.

They just can't stop complaining.

The Crisis Is Not At The Border It Is On Wall Street - The 1% Are Stealing Everything In Sight

And not paying any taxes.

And the billionaires are bribing or threatening politicians who may want to end their gravy train of $$$ TRILLIONS of tax free profits and environmental destruction.

How many $$$ Trillion can the 1% hoard and not pay taxes anyway?

They already got $55 Trillion in wealth. How you doin?

Thousands think that violence is the only way to get by, and are desperate because nothing has trickled down for 40 years. Who can blame them for criming, when Tr**p rapes 20 women and is still walking around. No one has the balls to charge the orange lying traitor, or any of his powerful friends.

I just get upset every time some media scum person says "crisis at the border" when we have 100 crises that are worse and not being dealt with. It is supposed to be 111 Degrees in SEATTLE tomorrow. 111. That is One Hundred Eleven Degrees. People will die.

F your border crisis media regurgitating Republican talking points.

Sarah Palin's Drill Baby Drill Reunion Tour Cancelled - 111 Degrees In Seattle Expected

In the Drill Baby Drill World there is no such thing as "too hot".


Every Republican Supports Drill Baby Drill, and doing nothing about climate change.

Oh, and I heard about rolling blackouts in Washington State.

Texans freeze to death, and us in Seattle will die from the heat.

Welcome to the future is now.

Let's not change anything, and burn all the carbon we feel like.

Who cares....

Ticketfaster.com Is A Scam Site They Sold A $35 Ticket For $150 And There Is Nothing You Can Do

They are pretending to be Ticketmaster and scamming people.

Be careful friends.

They are pure fraudsters.

Billionaires Will Never Pay For Anything

Just keeping things in perspective.

Their job is to take all the money and keep it.


And no one ever talks about it.

Someone needs help with messaging.

Is DeSantis Lying About The Collapsed Building Yet?

Lying to start in 3, 2 ....
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