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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Republicans Luvved Them Sum Democracy Until They Started Losing Elections

Now they simply want to burn it all down.


No way the "Meek shall inherit the Earth" if there is anything they can do about it.

On another note, imagine the amount of hate one must crank up to win a Republican Primary these days.


I mean real scary.

Republicans Decided To Have Democrats Do Investigation So They Can Cry Like Babies On Fox

Saying it is all a witch hunt, and it was Antifa.

Everyone with a working brain knows the truth, but the millions that watch Fox don't.

They are counting on crying like babies about them mean 'ol Dimmocrats instead of holding the traitors accountable.

I really doubt it will work, when a bunch of Republicans still kinda support democracy, kinda.

Another Hacking? Time To Shut Off Russia's Internet Access - Just Do It If They Don't Follow Rules

Dark Ages coming to Russia....

Mitch McConnell Must Have Dementia

He imagines voting against a 1 / 6 commission will make the treason of the traitors trying to stop transfer of power / democracy to simply go away.

His brain is broke.

It's 6:30 AM In Seattle Where Will Today's Mass Shooting Happen?

Asking for a friend.

Use Some Of The 1%'s $55 Trillion In Wealth To Pay For Infrastructure Electric Vehicle Taxes

Is pure insanity.

Joe, tax Billionaires not electric cars.

The ice is melting.

Of Course There Is A Mass Shooting Today - It's Wednesday

Where do you think you live?


"Looks Like Someone Missed The Bus To Crazy Town" Is What You Tell Them

When you meet someone who says something so stupid you realize they are right wing crackpots, this is what you say.

How you want to make fun of them from here on, or as I do, simply insult them.

If you want to have fun, you say "did you know that no one who supports T***p will be allowed into Heaven. He is so evil that even if you beg forgiveness for your sins it won't work in his case". That really messes them up.


If Bibi Bulldozed The White House

And built a settlement.

Oh nevermind.
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