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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Fox News Won't Let Me Post On Their Facebook - I Been Cancelled

I was commenting on a post where the family of Ashley Bobbit was suing because she got shot trying to kill Congresspeople. I said she got what she deserved. They all called me crazy and it was ANTIFA and BLM that stormed the capitol. They left my earlier posts up, but when the nut jobs attacked me with silly attacks, I couldn't respond.

I was cancelled on Facebook by Fox News.


Covigula Was One Good Variant Away From Making India America

Donnie Death did all he could to spread and ignore the virus. Fox helped him.

We were lucky.

This time.

We only lost 700,000 wonderful people.

This time.

Tim Scott You Are Just Effing Pathetic

When is the spaceship back to your planet leaving?

I don't want on it, I want to be sure I am out of the way.

So Will Joe Rogan Pay The Medical Bills Of All Who Take His Advice?

And not get vaccinated?

And get Covid.

Oh hell no.

We will.

We can't live a safe normal life because of human scum like Joe Rogan and others like him.

Get vaccinated regardless how stupid you are.

Who Here Thinks Officer Sicknick Died From Natural Causes

The day after being sprayed with an unknown substance?

Fox News Creates Terrorists Just Say It

All these militias and nut jobs out making death threats and planning on blowing things up. All radicalized by our media and nut job websites.

This is insane.

The Cops Have To Create Their Fake Incident Reports Before They Can Release The Video

They all have to practice to get their stories straight when there is 7 possible murderers.

Might take a while.....

Caolan Robertson What An Incredible Interview Youtube Promoting Radical Hate Content Reliable Source

InfoWars made $60 million spreading propaganda and lies all recommended by YouTube Twitter and Facebook. InfoWars is only one in a sea of Hate Media Producers. The viewers / surfers are steered to hate content and lies by YouTube. This is insane. They push extreme content endorsing violence constantly.

They make more money if they can get more people angry, and more people upset. He was told to "never let the truth get in the way of a good story". "It was completely devoid of any realism, or any journalism". "It was always about pushing disinformation"

Now you know why your uncle turned into your crazy uncle, filled with hate and loathing.

Every American should see this interview if it becomes available. Profiting off lies hate and radicalization.

Please rec this needs all our attention. The heart of our problems today.

Arizona Republicans Hire PInk Panther To Investigate Ballot Voting Things

And gave him a blue pen, and $150,000.

OAN Fake News will film Trump winning the election soon.

Stay tuned!

Make The Oil Companies Pay To Cap Their Wells Not Tax Payers

Gasoline costs $20 a gallon counting war.

Society pays for the externalities, including pollution caused sickness.

This does not count climate change.

Gas should cost its true cost. Oil revenue goes into a fund to pay for 100% of cleanup and climate offset.

Electric cars would seem like free.
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