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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Speaking Of Bad Cops / Prosecutors Has Cornyn Been Prosecuted Yet For Jailing 46 Innocent People

Amazing how the innocent go to jail, and the guilty of the railroad prosecutions get to be Senators.





Chauvin Should Plead Guilty ASAP

This went from he choked victim to death to he choked victim to death and wouldn't let EMT assist / revive victim.

It's only gonna get worse.

Take the 30.

Put All 4 Of George Floyd's Killers In Prison For Life - Nothing Less

They all killed him. One choked him to death while the other 3 did crowd control so the 4th could choke him to death. A second murderer was also helping holding him down while the main murder choked him, and heard him saying he couldn't breathe.

Life without parole.

Anything less is a travesty of justice.

Just Ordered My Losers 1865 - 1945 - 2020 T- Shirt - Check It Out

This is a link to the shirt. Not the one I bought but you can see what it is.


Don't have an image to post.

Can't wait.

My wife even approves!

My Trump Friend Is Blaming Biden For Relief Checks Being Held Up Even Though T****'s People

Who are embedded, and can't be easily removed are the ones causing the problems.

"When T**** was in charge the checks went out in one week" he said.

We lose elections because this FACT is not starting off the next 1,000 press conferences.

"Trump's appointees are in the way of you getting your stimulus check grandpa. They are hurting you to get you to blame Democrats when it is them causing the pain".

Not that hard of a statement.

Sabotage Is All Republicans Can Do To Biden It Almost Worked Sabotaging Obama

Social Security not sending out info because of Trump appointees so 30 million Americans can't get their Covid relief.


Maybe someone in the "media" (PUKE) could point out the sabotagy stuff....

I Can't Even Post About What Will Happen If Closet Klan Juror Let's Him Off

I sure wouldn't want to be a cop.

I think I can say that.

Hard to imagine how bad IT WILL BE.

No one is even talking about it on the news.


400,000 Wrongful Death Lawsuits Should Be Coming Trump's Way

And counting.

Good thing he pulled all the scientists looking for pandemics out of China before the virus hit. We might have had to pay their salaries.


Sorry Trump Pol Pot Has You Beat

He killed millions. You just killed 400,000.


The Joker Would Make A Better President Than Donald Trump

Said guest on MSNBC.

Cameron Kasey.

Gun reform advocate / mass shooting survivor.
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