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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

Journal Archives

Donald Trump Is Everything Bad About America In One Person

At least almost everything.

Me First Attitude

And A Traitor To Boot

He has to go.


My Friend Makes Good Money And Worked A Lot Of Overtime This Year Imagine What Her Income Tax Is

Her job is very stressful, and she gives it her all. She is paid well, but has no write offs, other than her 401K. She is being slaughtered on income tax.

She doesn't really like paying so much of her salary in tax, and knowing Trump pays next to nothing. She is not even political.

I wonder how many more of them like her are out there.

Trump Abandoned Syria To Russia And Turkey Because He Owed Them Money

If you don't believe this is true....

I have a bridge to sell you.

And some snake oil.

And smoking cigarettes is safe.

What If Iran Just Offered To Give Trump $400 Million Cash To Be Nice To Them?



Kinda sucks how this really works now doesn't it?

Don't Forget Georgia's Governor Ignored 53,000 Voter Applications So He Could Steal His Election

Why is he not in prison?


Should Biden Wear A Face Shield Tomorrow

To protect him from flying Adderal chunks?

I say yes....

Should We Pollute Lots More If It Creates A Few More Jobs?

Cutting regulations can create jobs.

How many premature deaths directly caused by increased pollution is one job worth?

How many burned acres is a job worth?

It would take a real reporter to ask those questions to any politician.

But who am I? Just someone from Fire Hell. Methow Valley WA.

I am sick of Trump bragging about unemployment rates when he is literally murdering the Earth cutting regulations.

Prison For Anyone Who Helps Trump Try To Steal The Election - Judges Included

If it even looks like a crime, prosecute them.

Send a nuclear tipped warhead across their bow.

Constitution, and law and order ~ vs ~ Russia / Venezuela / North Korea.

Anyone doing crimes to help Trump obstruct the election needs to be prosecuted. Period.

Start with the Wisconsin Supreme Court fascists.

Florida Waited To Open So Hospitals Won't Be Overflowing With The Dying On Election Day

Anyone else notice?

Apprentice White House

Instead of "You're Fired".

You're Dead.

Time this show is cancelled, and replaced with "Lockup".
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