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DanieRains's Journal
DanieRains's Journal
August 31, 2020

Don't Let Them Call It A Race War It Is A War Between Good And Evil

Between Nazis, White Supremacists, Klansmen, and other evil power mad traitors with zero respect for others, or our constitution.

To support or help Trump means you approve of all the evil he has done. Period.

Even if your mind is blown, and Fox Lies has you living on a different planet, you obviously have severe mental problems to support Trump at this point, for any reason.

The protests are not about race relations. It is about good versus evil.

I am glad I'm on the right side of history.

If minorities have equal rights that would mean the White Supremacists would lose their "superiority" and that is part of the problem, but only part. It isn't about race. It is about justice, and Finally Making America Great Where All Americans Are EQUAL.

August 30, 2020

If Not For Laundering Russian Mob Money Trump Would Be Broke

Hopefully someone can mention this FACT.

August 30, 2020

If Anyone Mentions The Vote For Biden Hat I Wear

All I have to say is "I'm not voting for the one who told 20,000 lies while Americans were dying like flies".

Let them respond to that.

August 30, 2020

Violence And Voter Suppression

Are the only 2 cards Trump can play.

Most of the violence is because of his literal crimes.

August 29, 2020

I Know How To Stop All The Rioting And The Carnage

Have the police stop shooting/killing unarmed people.

Can it be that hard?

August 29, 2020

Republicans Obviously Want Government Destroyed

From the CDC to the FDA and the Injustice Department. The. EPA and on and on.

They feel no laws should apply to their Cult Leader.

Maybe someone could mention this.

Government for, and only for the billionaires is their obvious plan.

August 28, 2020

If Trump Doesn't Go To Prison After Fair Trials For All His Crimes We Must Free All Prisoners

Either we have justice or we don't.

Trump says "what are you going to do about it".

He has a point.

If people like Trump can ignore all laws, then there is no law, and we have no right to incarcerate anyone.

August 28, 2020

I Feel Perfectly Safe In Hell Hole Seattle Donald

Until the next unarmed minority is murdered because of their skin color.

Then more good trouble.

Maybe Trump could suggest to the police they shouldn't shoot people without guns ya think?

No. Aint gonna happen.

Blood and flames are his only hope, besides losing tens of millions of votes....

August 28, 2020

White Cream Matters

Wife and I are at our beach house. I just made Nespresso with 3 different flavors but don't have any keto friendly heavy cream which i usually use. Only coconut / cashew milk and monkfruit sweetener.

Gave a sip of coffee to wife and she said ewwwwww.

White cream matters.

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