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DanieRains's Journal
DanieRains's Journal
July 31, 2020

Prison For All Trump Admin Officials Who Committed Crimes Or Covered Up Crimes

That is how the law is supposed to work.

If they are dirty, they need to do their time like the rest of America has to.

Lock Them Up.

Start at the top.

July 31, 2020

My Gawd This Virus Is 100% Trump's Fault - He Dismantled The Team Looking For Pandemics

Don't let the lying orange asshole off the hook one bit.

I just saw an interview on Cuomo of one of Trumps apologists, and I wanted to hurl. I was insulted with lies. This asshole gave Trump an A+ for handling the economic catastrophe. It was so hard to keep my dinner down. Didn't want to talk about ignoring the virus, and calling it a hoax.

Here is the deal folks. Yell it from the mountaintops. Use smoke signals. Morse Code. Whatever it takes. Here are the FACTS.

The people in place IN CHINA looking for VIRUSES were removed by DONALD TRUMP.

Every single death from Covid-19 outside of Wuhan is 100% Trump's fault.

Giving him any credit for anything but death is a lie.

Trump gets zero credit for anything.

He couldn't have killed more Americans if he actually tried. Actually if Trump tried to kill more Americans more would be alive. Strange how that works.

The few people / scientists left in China who warned us about the virus in November were ignored by the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION. Our IC did warn the Israeli's according to Haaretz News in NOVEMBER. Just not the AMERICAN PEOPLE and er.... doctors....

"Trump disbanded NSC pandemic unit that experts had praised"


Every right wing death dealer is trying to lie their asses off to protect Trump who could care less about anything except pussies that need grabbing, and staying out of prison for as long as possible. They attack Fauci etc. to cover for Trump.

Every single person outside of China who has died, is dead 100% because of the actions of DONALD TRUMP.

RIP Herman Cain.

You drank Trump's Kool Aid and now yer dead. Say hi to Satan for me Hermie.

July 30, 2020

Is Louie Gohmert Dead Yet?

He was sent to Washington by voters in Texas to insult smart people, and oppose responsible government.

And to help the insanely rich avoid paying taxes.

There, I just wrote his eulogy.

RIP Louie.

Asshole / Idiot

I just caused dispersions in his asparagus.

July 30, 2020

Trump Killed Herman Cain

#Trump Killed Herman Cain

Should be trending.

Trump hosted the Covid Party in Tulsa.

July 30, 2020

Louie Gohmert The Stupidest Person In Human History

Hands Down.


July 30, 2020

McSalley Down By 16 In Arizona Hey Republicans Maybe You Should Dump Trump Ya Think?

If you are currently a Trump Republican, maybe now is the time to search your soul, and jump off the train to hell.

I know in some areas of the country the mental retardation is so great that a bunch of fools still like Trump, but statewide elections anywhere?

Maybe it is time to give up on the dude that has told 20,000 lies ya think?

July 28, 2020

When Biden Is Sworn In The Violence Stops And We Begin To Heal

Betcha Trump won't make an ad about that.

If you want Martial Law vote Trump!!!

Gotta gas some moms for pure spectacle right Donnie?

The world is literally holding their breath.

July 27, 2020

Violence Is The Last Tool Left In Trump's Toolbox Of Hororrs

Fear and Loathing.
All he has left.
The caravan is leaving.
Kids in cages didn't work out.
Juicing the economy by unleashing polluters didn't work out.
Ignoring a pandemic didn't work out.
Fox is even beginning to count the cards.

Violence: All Trump Has Left

Prepare America....

July 25, 2020

Ted Lieu Called Them Storm Troopers And The MSNBC Host Alex Whitt Said Humpf

Yes Alex.

Storm Troopers is the proper term.

Unless you want to call them Gestapo, brownshirts, or something worse.

Storm Troopers. (lawless)

Deal with it Alex.

July 25, 2020

Its A Good Thing No Old People Live In Florida

I hear the hospitals are full, the corona virus is spreading like wildfire, and half the state won't even cover their face, or stop partying.

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