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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Possible Nurses Strike In Counties Without Mandatory Masks In Texas

My friend's sister is a nurse in Texas. She said they may strike for one day or more in counties where masks are not required indoors. Not sure if it is going to happen.

Could get ugly.

Refusing To Wear A Mask In Public Indoors Is Murder

Someone just say it.

Ok, attempted murder.


All Of Trumps Lies Are White Lies

So it is all good right?

Ask any Trumper.

What The Hell Is A Conservative These Days?

I want to compile a master list of what conservatives stand for.

Let's start with "they believe in trickle down". How about giving the wealthy everything they want will make America great. Another one is "all regulations are bad".

Any more?

Dear Citizens Of Arizona Texas And Florida Zoom Your Life Celebration Parties With Your Parents Now

Because a lot of you won't be able to ever see them again.

There is no way your Republican Governors will do what it necessary to save their lives.

Trump's fan base won't let governors do much of anything to save lives, even if they wanted to.

All Powerful God Trump Says Open Up Go To Work Get Infected And Infect EVERYONE For Me!!!! TRUMP DEMANDS IT. DIE!!!!!!

Say goodbye to your parents (you don't have to tell them it is what you are doing) now.

As the virus explodes, the the icu's are already full, you won't see many of your parents again. Get busy saying goodbye.

I know it sucks, but we are practically powerless to save their lives.

From What I Understand For Eternal Life All You Need To Do


Be mean to gay people.
Be mean to pregnant girls.
Be mean to people who don't think like me.

This will be so easy....

Heaven awaits!

How Many Will Die Today Helping Trump's Campaign?

Acting like the virus isn't spreading like wildfire. Refusing to wear a mask and caring about others. The list goes on.

How many will Trump kill today?

Putins Taliban assassins?

So Much Of America Is Doing Contract Tracing With Fax Machines- I Learned Something Today

Good luck with that Corona Virus Thingy America.....

Trump Is Sargent Schultz Putin Is Hogan

Welcome to reality.

Chris Stewart Is A Lying Pile Of Sh*t

President Obama read the whole PDB every day. 3 hours a day.

Stop covering for the uncaring Putin controlled idiot congress scum.
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