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DanieRains's Journal
DanieRains's Journal
May 1, 2020

Trump Thrilled The Distraction Machine Shifting Blame From Him To Everyone But Him

Fox News, Hate Radio, and regular media is so busy chasing squirrels, car chases, and grieving families they don't have enough time to have anyone on explaining how this could have all been avoided if we had anyone but Trump in the White House.

Trump is so happy he is not being blamed for what is truly his fault.

The distraction machine (corporate media) is working. His distractions plus what the machine spews out shifting blame.


Every day more Americans understand "why" they are so screwed. The distraction machine has to get higher octane gasoline to keep them from actually wanting "stuff".

We get to work harder for less so the 1% get half off the top.

Welcome to May Day!

May 1, 2020

While Joe Biden Was Serving His Country Trump Was Grabbing Women's Crotches Over And Over

And he even bragged about being able to do it.

I just start kissing them......

There media, I fixed your narrative / meme / frame for you.

Lock Him Up.

May 1, 2020

If Trump Had Acted Sooner All This Wouldn't Be Going On - No One Ever Says It Anywhere

It's like the media is full time car chase, and no one is reminding anyone Trump ignored warning, after warning, after warning, after warning, after warning, and did nothing but try to look good on the teevee. Not only did he not lift a finger, he actually downplayed the threat, making it even worse than if he did nothing. Insane.

All the locked down people are upset, going broke, going hungry, filled with fear, and attacking the people who are trying to make up for what Trump didn't do.


There is no other narrative.

Car chase, car chase, car chase. Problem, problem, problem. Corpse count, corpse count, body bags. The media never seems to want to talk about WHY IT IS LIKE THIS. A little poo poo here, a little poo poo there. They are actually trying to sell advertising, while covering up for Trump. Distracting us, and our anger from where it truly belongs.

When has anyone walked in front of a camera and just flat out said This Is All Trump's Fault. Yes Steve Schmidt has said it, bless his heart. A Recovering Republican. Who else? The country with the most capacity in the history of man has the most dead guys. Because of Trump, and his Republican supporters.

This Is All Trump's Fault !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just say it. Say it a dozen times an hour every hour of every day so it sinks into the brains of the cult / lemmings.

Take your guns to Washington DC and raise hell there, because that is where the problem is Michigan Militia Whackos. None of this is the Dimmocrats fault. They are just stuck with trying to keep the body bags from being filled, and the refrigeration trucks from overflowing.

Just Say It Dammit.

May 1, 2020

Trump Is A Walking Talking Admitted Sexual Assualt Machine

We need to keep things in perspective.

Imagine how many victims he scared / paid off.

Loved by White Evangelicals.....

April 30, 2020

I Don't Think Joe Biden Did Anything Like What Donald Trump Brags About Doing

Grabbing women by the p.....

Just say it over and over and over.

The truth, repeated often sinks in just like a big lie does.

Hitler never told anyone this....

I just did.

That is the frame.

By the way, for every woman who claimed Trump sexually assaulted them, there are 10 more who didn't think it was worth going after him, got scared off, or paid off.

Another frame since we are on the subject.

April 29, 2020

All Of The Trump Children Are Volunteering To Work Multiple Shifts At Meat Packing Plants Next Week

Yes they are. Sure they are. You betcha. Getting meat to Americans is absolutely necessary, and our country is in great need at this time. In fact the need for meat is so great their daddy ordered Americans to go process meat, reegardless. The plants "must" stay open. The owners of the plants have provided some PPE for their workers. The workers that haven't already got sick have a small chance of not being infected at work going forward, but they have to work or starve. That is the new Trump Plan to keep America fed.

Since the need for meat in America is so great all of the Trump Children have decided to pitch in and "help out" at meat packing plants across the Midwest. It is their obligation to feed others. The Trump Kids all have a strong sense of duty to their fellow countrymen so they will fulfill their obligation by picking up cutting utensils, and standing their watch chopping bits of meat as they fly by on a conveyor belt for hours.

I am so proud of the children of Donald Trump. Their are real Americans serving their country!

(the most ridiculous thing you will ever read, on purpose)

April 29, 2020

DeWine If You Don't Wear A Mask You Don't Come Into My Building - Easy

If you don't care about me, my family, or my employees stay away.

We don't want to die because you some "customer" is too proud to wear a mask.

Have a nice day.

April 29, 2020

Trump Said The Experts Got It Wrong

Malaria and Jared.....

April 28, 2020

Now They Will Be Processing Meat At Gunpoint

Good job Trump.

America is becoming North Korea.

April 28, 2020

Where Is Your Mask Pence?

The Mayo Clinic has a rule. Everyone in the building must wear a mask, for many reasons.

Mike Pence visited the Mayo Clinic and refused to wear a mask.

They should have refused him entry.

He thinks he's "special".

It makes me want to puke.

He is a special type of murderous scum.

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